55 entities issued notices for doing illegal banking

KARACHI (August 19 2003) : The State Bank of Pakistan on Monday issued notices to 55 entities and individuals for conducting illegal banking business and foreign exchange related brokerage activities in the country.

These entities/undertakings are said to be operating without any licence from the central bank.

Legal action shall soon be initiated by the SBP against other entities/persons who are found undertaking illegal banking business, soliciting deposits illegally or carrying out foreign exchange related brokerage activities.

The State Bank has issued notices to the following entities/undertakings:

1. M/s Leader Forex (Pvt) Ltd, 5-A, Shershah Block, New Garden Town, Lahore.

2. M/s Forex Management & Consultant (Pvt) Ltd, Kawish Crown Office, P 4 Col 201-205, Plot-7 & 8, Darul Aman Co-operative Society, Karachi.

3. M/s Glonex (Pvt) Ltd, 6-H, Gulberg Hights, Gulberg II, Lahore.

4. i) M/s Offshore Global Management (Pvt) Ltd, 1st Floor, Upper Value Mart Kareem, Block-A, Iqbal Town OGM House, 56/12 Commercial Zone, Lahore.

ii) M/s Offshore Global Managament (Pvt) Ltd, 56/12 Commercial Zone, Upper Value Mart Store, Karim Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.

5. M/s Apex Services (Pvt) Ltd, 1st Floor, Block-9, Clifton, The Forum Plot G-10 Room No P 4 Col 101-102, Karachi.

6. M/s World Business Consultant (Pvt) Ltd, 3rd Floor, Kalmachown, Main Belevard Gulberg, Country Plaza, Lahore.

7. M/s United Brokerage Consultant (Pvt) Ltd, 2nd Floor, Inayat Arcade 5-Pak Block Main Boulevard, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.

8. M/s Pindex (Pvt) Ltd, 95-Abid Majid Road, Lahore Cantt, Lahore.

9. M/s Trade & Brokage (Pvt) Ltd, A-140, Block-L, North Nazimabad, Karachi.

10. M/s CFC Global (Pvt) Ltd, A-602, 6th Floor, Amber Tower, Block -6, PECHS, Karachi.

11. Harvest International (Pvt) Ltd, EL-Beena Commercial Centre, BC-11, Block 5, Clifton, Karachi.

12. i) M/s Multiforex International (Pvt) Ltd, Multi Forex Bank Road Rawalpindi.

ii) M/s Multiforex International (Pvt) Ltd, 1st Floor, Razia Shareef Plaza, 92-Jinnah Avenue Blue Area, Islamabad.

13. M/s Credit Manhattan Securities (Pvt) Ltd, R-516, Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Ltd Building, Stock Exchange Road, Karachi.

14. M/s Trade Station Securities (Pvt) Ltd, 2nd Floor, Jail Road, 89-C, Lahore.

15. i) M/s Aglam Global Links, 1st Floor, Basheer Plaza, Adamjee Road Opp old GTS Bus Stop, Rawalpindi.

ii) M/s Aglam Global Links (Pvt) Ltd, Islamabad Publication (Pvt) Ltd, 9- Hameed Chamber Aabpara, Islamabad.

16. M/s Pacific Resources (Pvt) Ltd, 65-East Pakpavilions, Fazal-e-Haq Road, Islamabad.

17. i) M/s Intercomex Financial Data Services (Pvt) Ltd, Basement, Jalil Centre, Abdali Road, Multan.

ii) M/s Intercomex Financial Data Services (Pvt) Ltd, Ground Floor, Aftab Centre, Davis Road Lahore.

18. M/s Universal Resources (Pvt) Ltd, 18-A, Ripple Plaza 1st Floor, People Colony, Faisalabad.

19. M/s Noble Management Consultants (Pvt) Ltd, 67-B, 1st Floor, Al-Hafeez Centre Gulberg-III, Lahore.

20. M/s Future Trading Advisers (Pvt) Ltd, 13-Commercial Zone, Karim Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.

21. M/s Forex Links (Pvt) Ltd, House No 15, Robert's Road, Neela Gumbad, Lahore

22. i) M/s Daxing International (Pvt) Ltd, 1-Canal Park, Gulberg-II, Lahore.

ii) M/s Daxing International (Pvt) Ltd, 51-Trust Plaza, GT Road, Gujranwala.

23. M/s Global Links (Pvt) Ltd, 15-H Gulberg-II, Lahore.

24. M/s Intertrade Intelligence Comm (pvt) Ltd, 21E-1, Gulberg-III, Lahore.

25. M/s Tycoons's International (Pvt) Ltd, 1629/B Ghaffar Plaza, Multan Cantt, Multan.

26. M/s International Financial Consultants (Pvt) Ltd, 1st Floor, Jans Shopping Arcade, Islamia Road, Peshawar.

27. M/s Topworth Equity, Frontier Constabulary Building International (Pvt) Ltd, Near Sonehri Mosque, Peshawar.

28. i) M/s Service International (Pvt) Ltd, 2nd Floor, Main Boulevard Gulberg-III, Suit > P 4 Col 7, Centre Point, Lahore.

ii)M/s Service International (Pvt) Ltd, 1st floor, Lamsy Arcade, Peshawar Cantt, Peshawar.

iii)M/s Service International (Pvt) Ltd, 2/3 Ishtiaq Plaza, College Road, Sargodha.

29. M/s Madina Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd, Jhang Road, Faisalabad.

30. M/s Wall Street Securities (Pvt) Ltd, Ground Floor, Palm Beach Homes, Marine Drive, Clifton Block-2, Karachi.

31. M/s White House Securities (Pvt) Ltd, 2nd Floor, Suit No P 4 Col 207, Block-9, The Plaza Clifton, Karachi.

32. M/s Dollar East (Pvt) Ltd, (Old name International Currency Exchange), Bank Square, Gujranwala.

33. M/s Aldos International, 65/B-C, Gulberg-III, Lahore.

34. M/s Money Links, G/F Main Road, Manshera, Off. PAF Selection & INFO Centre supply, Abbatabad.

35. M/s Nexus Capital Management, Ground Floor, Gulberg-III, 2-E 1, Commercial Area, Lahore.

36. M/s Global Business Centre, Alang Khoni Bridge, Multan.

37. M/s International Business Centre, Alang Pak Gate, International Business Centre, Multan.

38. M/s Chicago Exchange Consultant, 2nd Floor Jan's shopping Arcade, Islamia Road, Peshawar.

39. M/s Capital Links, 543-A, Peoples Colony No P 4 Col 1, Faisalabad.

40. i) M/s World Comex Links, Al-Jamil Plaza 356-A, Small D-Ground, Faisalabad.

ii)M/s World Comex Links, Basement Hotel, Mangol Nawan, Sheher Multan.

iii)M/s World Comex Links, 95- A, Satellite Town, Sargodha.

41. M/s Forex Enterprises, House No P 4 Col 9-A, Officer's Colony, Multan.

42. M/s Global Marketing Services, 31-A Zafarullah Chown, Satellite Town, Sargodha.

43. M/s Global Marketing Services, 870-C, Faisal Town, Lahore.

44. M/s Cargil Group of Companies, Liberty Market, Gulberg- III, Lahore.


1. i) Mr Farid Khan, 3-P, Model Town (Ext), Lahore.

ii) Mr Farid Khan, 70 -A, Abu Bakr Block, New Garden Town, Lahore.

2. Mr Haroon Ahmed, Q-23 Gulberg-II, Lahore.

3. Mr Omer Farooq Ahmed, 34-C, Satellite Town, Sargodha.

4. Mian Khurram, Ground Floor, 118, G T Road, Opposite UET, Gate-6, Lahore.

5. Mr Shoaib Ullah Cheema, Ground Floor, 50/2Q Defence, Lahore.

6. Mr Mahmood Riaz Wahla, Ground Thokar Niaz Baig, 442 – Lalazar Colony, Lahore.

7. i) Mr Shahid Hassan Awan, Ground Floor, Street No 16, F-6/3 House No 2, Islamabad.

ii) Mr Shahid Hassan Awan, First Floor, Soni Square, Room No 10-11, Sialkot.

iii) Mr Shahid Hassan Awan, First Floor, Peoples Colony, FM Plaza, D-Ground, Faisalabad.

iv) Mr Shahid Hassan Awan, Ground Floor, Main Boulevard, 453, Anwar Mansion Defence, Lahore.

v) Mr Shahid Hassan Awan, Azmat House 32 Davis Road, Lahore.

vi) Mr Shahid Hassan Awan, G/F Zaheer Plaza, Near General Bus Stand, Gujranwala.

vii) Mr Shahid Hassan Awan, Ground Floor, Along Pak, Gate 2084/8-H, Multan.

viii) Mr Shahid Hassan Awan, Ground Floor, Branderth Road, 9-Railway Colony, Lahore.

ix) Mr Shahid Hassan Awan, 2nd Floor, Suite-38, Land Mark Plaza, Jail Road, Lahore.

x) Mr Shahid Hassan Awan, 1st Floor, Awami Markaz, Garden Town, Lahore.

8. Mr Mehdi, 1-Canal Park, Gulberg-II, Lahore.

9. Mr Yaseen Akram Khokhar, 2B, Seabreaze Home Shershah Block

New Garden Town, Lahore.

10. Mr Mohammad Rizwan Alvi, Ground Floor, Near Shairpao Bridge, 112-B Gulberg-II, Lahore.

11. Mr Haroon Cheema, Office No 7, 1st Floor, Empire Centre, Gulberg, Lahore.

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