Revenue Board to spend $2.16 million on construction of new structures

ISLAMABAD (September 12 2003): The Central Board of Revenue (CBR) has decided to spend huge amount of $ 2.16 million (Rs 125.28 million) on the construction of new structures having all the functions at one place for the benefit of the taxpayers.

One Large Taxpayer Unit will be constructed in Lahore, along with five Medium Taxpayer Units (MTUs), including one Dispute Resolution Complex in Karachi.

The CBR Policy and Tax Reform Wing, headed by CBR Member M.S. Lal, keeping in view the recommendations of the foreign consultant Maxwell Stamps' has figured out the construction cost.

The total amount of $ 2.16 million would not be spent on the construction of new buildings, as the already available offices would be vacated for setting up LTU/MTUs.

The break-up revealed that the estimated cost of LTU, Lahore is $ 0.56 million (Rs 32.480 million); five MTUs, $ 1.40 million (Rs 81.200 million) and the cost of Dispute Resolution Complex, Karachi is $ 0.20 million (Rs 11.600 million).

Sources told Business Recorder here on Thursday that the CBR has chalked out a comprehensive plan for renovating the existing buildings according to the requirements for the establishments of LTU, Lahore, five MTUs in Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Faisalabad and Dispute Resolution Complex in Karachi.

The procurement plan for award of the contract for civil works and supply of goods has also been finalised by the tax authorities.

As per the procurement plan, the actual work was likely to commence in the first week of December 2003.

The CBR will award contracts to the successful bidders on December 2, 2003 for LTU, Lahore, MTUs and Adjudication Complex in Karachi.

However, the advertisement for invitation of bids would be given on October 16, 2003 and the last date for submission of bids would be November 16, 2003.

Prior to the initiation of the work on these projects, the CBR has decided to vacate the designated floors of the proposed buildings for handing over to boards' consultants NES Pak, Private Limited.

For timely implementation of the project under the tax reform plan, the CBR is making a plan for vacating the designated floors, making alternative arrangements for housing these offices and shifting the office equipment.

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