Bonded carriers: Revenue Board revises transportation procedure

ISLAMABAD (September 30 2003): The Central Board of Revenue (CBR) has made revolving bank guarantee/Defence Saving Certificates mandatory for the bonded carriers to take permission prior to transportation of imported containers between Port Qasim and Karachi port.

The CBR has revised the transportation procedure through amendments in customs general order (CGO) 12/2002 through a CGO issued here on Monday.

Previously, insurance guarantee was required from bonded carriers, which now has been replaced with revolving bank guarantee/ Defence Saving Certificates.

The decision has been taken to cover: duties/taxes, penalty, if any, on the cargo intended to be transported from one port to the other in case of any damage, pilferage, theft or fire accident causing loss to the national kitty.

The CBR has also given 24 hours permission for the inter-port movement of the containers between these ports. However, the movement after sunset would be allowed only under customs escort.

The containers moving from exit gate of the entry port on a given day, should reach the entry gate of the destination port during the time as determined by the two ports/two customs stations, keeping in view the movement route of the containers.

In case of any delay en route, a joint report would be submitted by the bonded carrier/customs escort to designated custom officer regarding reasons of delay in reaching the port of destination.

The permission granted for transportation of imported containers would be deemed cancelled, if the goods are not transported within 24 hours from obtaining such permission.

Moreover, the inter-port movement of the containers, after 24 hours, could be allowed on case to case basis subject to approval by the Additional Collector of Customs.

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