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As salam u alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

I am a student of HSC(2nd year), I wanted to know what a person has to do after 2nd year to become a CA, and I also wanted to know that what a CA does , i mean to say that what a CA has to do. PLEASE answer in detail.

well if u secure more than 60% marks u directly get admission in any RAET ( colleges for CA ) if below u will have to pass an entry test called Pre-Profeciency test (PPT). CA majorly provide services as are qouted below
1) Audit
2) Tax services
3) Management consultancy
4) Accounting Services
5) Assurance engagements etc

I am a student of Adamjee Govt.Science college in Karachi and I am expecting a percentage of atleast more than 83% INSHALLAH(please every one who visit this post say Amen and pray for me).

Now can you please tell me in a little bit more detail what a CA has to do because i dont understand what Audit or Assurance engagements etc are , so please if you dont mind explain it in detail.
I will request other members to please help you in this regard as my exams are very close. it will take long to answer these questions. Sorry I hope u dont mind. you may visit ICAP Chartered Accountants avenue Clifton Karachi or call at 111-000-422 to ICAP they will provide u every detail.

i am not any profesional and i am also new to this profession but first i want to say about the addmissin test well if you want in TSA or alhamd you have to give the test Secondly you can visit ICAP or you can visit ICAP website other thing you can ask from any rate collage and you nothing to do for the add you just have to pass the test for above mentioned RAET and if you want without add test go to SBS or CAMS which are second best hope you got the answer to your question
As salam u alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Now I wanted to ask that do I have to do bcom for becoming a CA
No, you dont have to do befor starting or doing CA you can just enter in it after your intermediate even if your 2 year result is awaiting
Thank you very much Sir
Now I wanted to know that while going through the official website of ICAP , I read that after studying for two years in a RAET, i will have to seek for a ON THE JOB TRAINING in a firm.
My question is that what is "on the job training" , does it mean that i will be paid for training , does this not seem ridiculous , would anyone please explain , and also tell me about firms
Still waiting for a reply......
Still desperately waiting for a reply? would anyone please help
Richie my dear,

After you have passed the Foundation exams (two years in RAET), you will have to serve a 4 year contract with an accounting firm during which time you will start as Junior Auditor/Associate on to Semi Senior and Senior. During this time you will be expected to undertake and be part of teams conducting audit, tax or other accounting services for the firm's clientle. You will also be expected to pass the Professional exams after the first one and a half / two years of your training at the firm. Your promotion as a Senior and jobs on hand will depend among other things on your passing these exams.

You will be paid a ''stipend'' (minimum amounts fixed by ICAP), which I presume strats at something like PKR 1,600/= per month these days (though I am not completely sure about this,. there have been revisions) this amount increases as you progress in the firm. There are also other monetory perks like travel etc. (but these vary from firm to firm and client to client).

You will be a qualified Chartered Accountant and be able to use the letters ACA after your name, once you have passed all the Chartered Accountany exams and complete your 4 years articles with a firm of Chartered accountants.
Richie how much % did u get as u were expecting 83%
sorry if anyone misunderstood me,I am currently a student of 2nd year and I am expected a percentage of atleast 83 in first year.(please do pray for me,PLEEEAAAAAASE DOOOOOOOO)
reply to you about what? what do you want to know?
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