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Full Version: See what your beloved future leaders do!
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dear mr pracs

first i wanna apologize for acting like a silly little kid, when u advised me on not using caps on as it is considered shouting. i have been writing on other forums,non accountancy and accountancy ones, in caps, and no one ever informed me that it was shouting. so i felt a bit awkward at first and then insulted later, as no one in my life (parents/teachers) has commented on my behaviour in a negative way.

i have edited the post, if u could take some precious time of urs and re-read it.
can u tell in which arab country were u born and brought up?? i know we pakistanies are mostly considered as "Hindi" in UAE.

the Ummah is almost dead atleast in the case of arab countries, it is. the arabs, in particular the middle east, depend in the west for even their military needs. Egypt is the largest receiver of funds from the US after Israel. egypt despite being a muslim country supports Israel's economy in a passive manner. a trade agreement exists between the US, egypt and israel.11% material used in manufacturing will have to be "made in israel", indirectly helping the zionists economy. i am not sure of the entire agreement, but atleast this part i am sure of .
despite being oil rich , cash rich governments they have to depend on the west even their military needs, rather than depending on pakistan.

the racism in the west is of a different kind , mainly muslim and christian. but the kind of racism in the arab countries might not exist elseweher .

difference between arab muslim and non arab muslim
difference between north african region arab muslim and khaleji arab muslim.

non arab muslims are not entitled to citizenship even if they are living in uae for over 40 yrs. if we talk of citizenship in uae for arab nationals of otehr countries resident in uae, then preference is first to GCC nationals, then AGCC nationals then north african countries national. there are many pakistanies in uae who r living her for more than 40 yrs speaking fluent arabic like arabs and have evn served in the uae army for more than half their lives, yet have to look for a visa every 3 yrs.

construction labourers in uae are paid dhs 800 monthly in salary,almost 100 pounds per month. after several heat stroke cases and deaths, finally last yr a law was passed by which labours get rest in afternoon , the most hottest time of the day. if this not exploitation/torture what is it then?? that too in a muslim country.

some examples of exploition rather terrorising of expats in UAE ,a msulim country recently a law was passed by the dubai government called "one villa one family.". regardless of whether the villa has 5 or 8 or 25 rooms. this only applies to villas not apartments. many of us know the high rents which keep on increasing every 2 or 3 months so mostly expast live in sharing accomodiation. electicity and water will be cut if one doesnt comply.

expats issued a dubai visa cant apply for a driving licence in sharjah (neighbouring emirate). and vice versa. there is a difference between the emirates also. each emirate with its own bunch of ruling sheikhs.

the monarchies are not comming to an end, atleast not in the near future. the arabs remain a divided lot and since they form a large chunk of the muslim world, cracks will remain in the Ummah.


I tend to avoid writing roman urdu here but I need to put here the following

Har shaakh pay ulloo baithaa hai

Anjaam-e-gulistan kiyaa ho gaa

This is the situation of majority in all the muslim world.

We dream to rule the world.



So many similarities you can find in the northern areas of Pakistan which are largely considered to be the best muslims. Every tribe has own ideas and no one accepts other's version and digest the difference of opinion.

Apart from this discussion, Islam is the religion of God (means the last and latest religion), I wonder he does not feel his religion endangered but so many of us always have such feelings. There is lot to ponder on, in this sentence instead of criticising. Let' see how people will react on it.


mr kamran

i guess all of us who want to see a stable Pakistan will have to shoot down the "uloos"

many of us feel islam is endangered because we are not following it in the manner we have been told to. so i think its the guilt inside of us that makes us say that our religion is becoming endangered.

our leaders are corrupt, they are busy filling their pockets. who can we blame for this, other than our own selves. these corrupt leaders are in government through our pakistani brothers and sisters votes.



I appreciate your above post but buddy if we have to shoot down all the “Ulloos” we may have to put our own-selves and our very much beloved ones in that line as well. When we say that “Ulloos” have occupied every branch, then we have to work from the scratch. Time will prove what would be the better solution but gunning down may not help. However, if this will not be corrected, the Muslim world will not depict a picture other than what we can see at the end of the Hollywood movie "Resident Evil". May God this proves to be untrue.

Islam is not endangered at all. This is the difference which we don't understand. We are endangered due to our own deeds. I have mentioned it at two or three threads that we are not a compulsion for God or Islam. Rather we have to depend on God and follow the religion. God can eliminate us any time and convert the entire powerful and advanced west into a purist form of Muslims. Who will stop God from doing so? Is God or Islam dependent upon us? The hearts move with the glimpse of his divine will. Who will be the wall or obstacle if God will decide to eliminate a nation which is not up to the blessings he specified for his loved ones. Did we forget the examples of Changez and Hilakoo where similar things did happen?

Yes you are right, we have voted for those who are not the perfect choice. But problem arises when we don't see even a single perfect or acceptable choice at all. The others who have imposed their power for the long tenures were equally worst.

However, the issue of Muslim Ummah is not only at Pakistan. The things pointed out by you and Pracs are an example to conclude what we are.



No offense taken, perhaps we all get worked up some time. So let's end it there.

Well the same city, jewel of the Gulf,.. Dubai and what you have in your post is exactly how it is. Only things have gone from bad to worst. The older generation of Local Arabs (who spoke Urdu) having worked with and seen Pakistanis build this city from a few camps to what it is today are gone. The new generation thinks that all expatriates are there paid slaves (except the Goras who are paid servants) and nothing more.

A funny incident that happened to one of my colleagues in Dubai, he is an Indian Passport holder who'd been educated and worked in UK, moved back to Dubai (to his family) he had a UK Driving license, so e calls the Traffic police and in his English accents, asks them what would be required for him to get a Dubai lic., they tell him all he has to do is come down with his UK Lic and get photographed. Now listen to this, when he goes there in person, seeing he's a brown (and not a gora)they insist he must sit for the road test !! Ofcourse a few days later and a few 'wastas' later he did get his Dubai lic.!! I have never seen any thing like this. This is some thing of a policy matter and not just random racism. A local with Dubai lic can swap it for a UK lic. (only if you are a local UAE Citizen, no expatriates allowed)

I hope that with time some of these issues will improve as more of their people get educated but I won't hold my breath on it.

Despite all that, Dubai is like a second home,. its the place I was born, went to school so I still love the place with all its positives and negatives.
mr pracs thanks. gr8 to know u used to live in dubai, yes things ave gone from bad to worse. especially the rents. they want dubai to be the "playground of the rich only." thanks GOD i live in sharjah, but even here its almost the same as dubai.

oh dear the wastas. cant live without them in uae. especially when u have some problem stuck up in the immigration. and ofcourse the wastas needed to get a job too.

may i ask u which school did u go to?? did u do ure acca from here?? there are so few institutes offering acca tuitions. only 5 or so in the whole of uae. despite the large no. of universities, there are hardly any professional accountancy quailifications to pursue. ICAEW just started last august, CIMA has opened up an ofice somewhere in dubai, but the indian CA is in full running here.

now there is a new rule in place, expats doing jobs that dont require a college degree, cant have a driving license.
well yes a gora expat and a non gora expat doing a same job but the gora will be paid 10 times more than the non gora expat.

but still i luv my dubai . but what to do about these "sheikh ka dimagh policies."
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