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06-30-2009, 06:49 PM
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I just want to congratulate all ICAP students and members on the success of their efforts for waiver of 2 years training under the MOU with ICAEW effective from 30 June 2009. Following is the quote from Asad Ali Shah’s (ICAP President) communication with members


“I am pleased to inform you that ICAEW has agreed to recognize fully the training of ICAP for the purpose of their ACA qualification. Effective June 30, 2009 there will be no condition for ICAP members to undergo further training to become a member of ICAEW.”

“In addition to this, they have also agreed to continue with the waiver of the fee applicable on obtaining credit for prior learning. The President of ICAEW will be visiting Karachi on July 9, 2009 to formalize these changes.”

“Although, we are pleased that the waiver in training is a step in the right direction, we have reiterated that learning outcomes laid down in ICAEW Advanced Stage Papers are fully achieved by our members through our advanced level modular papers of Module E and F. Also, our members study and practice IFRS and ISA’s during training and our syllabus covers them in sufficient detail. This gives our members an edge over other qualified accountants in the region and therefore, they need to be exempted from all ICAEW papers, except for the Case Study Paper. We hope to continue our efforts to attain such exemptions and greater equivalence of our qualification with ICAEW.”


I, in one of my previous posts at this forum said, that the end of times has not come and such recognitions keep on improving / changing with the passage of time. Alas, some imprudent fellows did not understand. I know they would never. We are bearing with them for more than six months now and only one and half year (almost) remains to meet their objective of taking over the whole world. Let’s see how they would take it over.

Let me assure you that exemption from all papers but case study is also not some thing out of the world. I again say this is an on-going process and keeps on changing with the time. I may be one day congratulating you again on such further exemptions. Critics keep counting on. The new ICAP council members elected few days back are more inclined and determined to enter into MRAs or MOUs with other bodies in the world to keep the critics in limits and we may be seeing a totally changed scenario within short to medium run. This is a changing world.

I have taken a decision of not participating (at least) in debates at this forum and not posting as well due mainly to some one’s behavior who wants nothing but to increase the number of hits to this site and securing advertisements from Quicken, ACCA and BOI etc. We may be seeing some more in upcoming days. I suggest them to constitute a professional board of renowned people and provide “online paid services” including opinions, solutions, drafting, and outsourcing etc. This would be a more appropriate way to earn. This message was extremely necessary and has links with previous discussions, that’s why is being posted by me.

I have gone through the requests of some of the fellows who also keep on e-mailing me and I am very much thankful for their love and affection. For them, I am always available. They can communicate through e-mails.

Wishing best of luck to all of you.


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