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Pak Military can control Iraqi resistence?
08-09-2003, 03:37 AM,
Pak Military can control Iraqi resistence?
Probably not, considering the rising guerilla attacks on US forces in Iraq. Musharaf should have consulted with parliament before committing to sending two division Pakistani military to Iraq at Camp David.

Since so much money has been spent on this parliament, following important questions should be discussed in parliament

- Pakistan military in Iraq will be working under command of Musharaf or President Bush ?

- Will Pakistani and US soldiers fight side by side or Pakistani soldiers will be on forefront of dangerous missions?

- If Pakistani military starts losing life of one soldier daily, will that be acceptable loss ? And how many dollars will be paid to Pakistan government for each soldier killed?

- How will this effect Pakistan’s relationship with Muslim communities in the world and Ummah?

If Musharaf insists on sending the military instead of bringing the issue to the Parliament, PM Jamali should take over command of Pakistan military himself. He seems in okay health and has had no health issues in facing all the pressures. Under Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, elected Prime Minister is the ultimate commander of Pakistan's forces. Musharaf was a good soldier but has proved to be a confused individual not literate in principles of leadership or democracy. Since taking over civilian government in Oct 99, Musharaf’s statements and policies on Jihaad, Islam, democracy and rule of law show little more than opportunism and confusion.

waqas khalique

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