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info on acturial sciences
08-18-2003, 05:01 PM
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info on acturial sciences
assalam aliekum
i m new meber, Ali Raza
i m currently doing CA, and will be giving my papers of module B in september
i read about acturial science info on ur site
wat i want to know is,
1)how to join, i mean where do u have to get registerd, where do u get the forms etc, if i want to go for the UK track, do i hav to go to the british council for registration?
2)when do they take admissions? is it open around the year to join ?
3)is the less no of professionals in this line bcz
a)its tough
b)people dont know abt it
c)there is risk and uncertainity(just lyk in CA where thay fail a vast majority)

4)how can i hav info abt the papers that are icluded and details of all modules

5)u said we hav to study privately, so which tuiton centre would u recommend for it? i mean how m i supposed to study wat i dont even know abt?

plz, i m desperate for all this knowledge bcz i may decide to switch lines if i know that acturial is more certain than CA, plus i got a 99 in math, and i heard acturail is related to math greatly, i know i have the potential to do it

plz helo me out
my id is
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08-20-2003, 02:20 AM
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For complete information about Actuarial Sciences plz contact

Rizwan Ali Tasadduq
Honourary Secretary, Pakistan Society Of Actuaries
ph 92-21-920 2824
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09-02-2003, 07:26 PM
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Actuarial sciences are part of mathematics and ststistics at a very high level as these are concerned with 'probability' of future events,e.g. actuaries predict the life expectancy to determine insurance premiums, or they review the pension fund for adequacy of assets to cover likely future pensioners demands etc.
In UK there is The Istitute of Actuaries, while in USA it is The Society of Actuaries. The UK qualification is FIA (Fellow Institute os Actuaries) after a number of professional exams and work in insurance or pensions, similarly the US qualification is FSA (Fellow Society of Actuaries).
There are Universities in UK and USA who tailor there courses so that graduates can obtain exemption from some professional exams of the respective bodies.
Mathematics required is very tough and pass rates are low.
Hope this is helpful. You can go to the websites of the professionsl bodies to gain more information.
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