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08-05-2005, 01:01 AM,
Overseas Pakistanis (Ops) have been allowed to import 3 years old cars under Gift Scheme. Earlier the scheme covered only father and mother of an OP but now the brother and sister has also been included. Same old game to keep increasing baggage allowance limit under one label or the other to keep increasing foreign items imports but not prescribing what could be more beneficial both for individual OPs and collectively for the nation. For example instead of increasing these import facilities, in the best interests why not wisely to shorten this baggage allowance list and in lieu to give say a 5% more interest on OPs investments or fixed deposits in National savings and Banks.

When early 1980s I went abroad on employment in a middle east country I had no knowledge about such things. Soon I found Pakistan had the largest baggage import list which I saw keep increasing. I was a member of Pakistani Community Association there. Some people regularly visited the Association premises in the evening. One or two were I do remember staff of a then nationalized Pakistani Bank. They I saw chatting with different people. On my enquiry one Association staff told me these people come here to allure bargain, get signature on Car Gift Scheme Application Farms from Pakistanis who themselves do not want or cannot afford sending a car to Pakistan. These people got forms filled in from others paying such signatories Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000 per Form which in 1980s was a good amount. An average skilled labourer then used to send his home in Pakistan Rs. 200,000 or Rs. 250,000 a month.

As a nation we are spoiled. I am sorry instantly I can find any other suitable word to explain my feeling. Sometime if government takes right step we the society start taking disadvantage. If it takes step otherwise then another group of society misuses. For example Government enforced a control on import of cars from abroad in order to protect the local industry. The industry misused it which can be seen either people are to wait for delivery 8 to 12 months due to artificial shortage or pay a heavy premium (greasing of palm). Now if the Government realizing the problem of common man on this account has allowed import under gift scheme this will be misused by the Mafia by importing cars in the name of those who never wish or can not send a car on gift to Pakistan. A Councellor from a middle east country last quarter of 2004 before his transfer to Pakistan, as is a gossip, arranged import in Pakistan more than 100 cars one by one through these Forms signed by others.

A news item from Abu Dhabi dated 15 July 2005 is before me warning the people that second hand cars imported from European countries should undergo a thorough check-up and all parts necessary to ensure they can withstand the high temperatures of Gulf region. This is meaningful.

08-10-2005, 10:14 PM,
can anyone tell me where i can find the details about the 'Gift Scheme' for the car imports. a freind of mind is really interested if anyone can help. )
08-11-2005, 05:07 AM,
hope the link will help.


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