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12-17-2005, 12:06 AM
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Moulana Ajmal Qadri has revealed that for the last many years he had been regularly visiting Israel with his followers and that Israel should be recognized. As far as his contention that Israel should be recognized is a real need of time. The fact should remain that it was Begum Abdia Hussain who as Pakistani Ambassador to US had the vision, boldness and courage to raise her views openly that Israel is a reality and should be recognized. I agree to Ajmal Qadri that if Arabs are sitting in lap of Israel why should we not recognize it. Last month by a Gulf state Bahrain has imported medical machinery made in Israel.

I respect religious leaders. I do not hate them as a fashion as mostly we hear and read criticism against them. They may be too rigid to their believes, divided into their own small sects but the true fact is that unlike our other leaders mostly they are not turncoats and have not been found indulged in mass scale irregularities or corruption. This is admirable. The worst critics of religious parties like columnist Ayaz Amir etc have recently openly and in large scale acknowledged and praised that before the Government these people came without caring for their publicity to the aid of earthquake victims.

However, with my due respect I cannot even for a single minute believe on statement of Ajmal Qadri that he had regularly been visiting Israel. Pakistanis visit to Israel is very rare. Many years back I read how one or two Pakistani students studying in USA were part of a students official group visit to Israel and how both of them were under constant high scrutiny during their visit as they narrated in an article later. A Pakistani’s visit to Israel could never had been so secret particularly when he claims visiting regularly with group of followers. There is no dirt of enemy of Pakistan who had not spare even a single such visit making it a political and propaganda extent through world media. It is also unbelievable that the world media for the last 15 years remained so ignorant. Our religious parties are most equipped to have access to information of other religious parties to make score over others. One can see eg. Jamat-e-Islami in Pakistan is so source full that publications attached to this party always publishing revealing stories. It cannot be believed other religious parties for all these years could know visit of a Ajmal Qaadri or knowing well these alleged visits these parties remained silent by not declaring Ajmal Qadri “something”. I can not believe even for a minute.
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12-17-2005, 02:35 PM
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Sorry to say but please post the above in the General Discussion forum
Thank You
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