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Wanna have ur comments!
10-01-2003, 05:56 AM,
Wanna have ur comments!
I just wanna discuss that these days there are many students ( a lot more from previous years) coming in the field of accountancy.They are either doing Ca or Acca. So can this affect the market in the coming years for accountants.In future there would be a lot more Accas and Cas in the market and u know that the oppurtunities here in Pakistan are very limited so in this condition when there will be limitied oppurtunities and unlimited accountants (i mean Accas) what gonna happen .Whether it could bring down the pay scale or make the accountants unemployed. As it happened to many professions like MBA'S and most recently the craze of IT (BCS and MCS).Thanx.Take Care.Bye.
Iqbal Qureshi.

07-09-2006, 09:52 PM,
you are right but the thing is that it's not a problem in pakistan but in the whole world we can say because the whole world is going to the study of commerce and business but how they solve their problems they develope industries but we just invest on the defence i think that if we invest on our industrial sector we can easily get rid of these problems.
07-10-2006, 02:03 AM,
In this day and age, it would be a difficult thing to ban ACCA,. having said that,, around 30% of Pakistani CAs now work outside Pakistan, there is room for ACCAs to get in. It does not go with out saying that the relatively salaries will come down as there are more accounting professionals. What I think is going to happen in the near future is a lot of ACCA affiliates will be out and about with few training positions (or reasonable positions) to go forth for the right experience.

The next five years are still going to see growth in the accountancy profession, we already have Pakistani accountants working all around the world, Middleast, North America, Europe even the Far east now. A big Market that is going to open up is China..!! and when I say big it is going to be huge. Chinese Big4 are already looking for the right trained people from all over the world - people who speak English.. and if you now Mandrian (Chinese spoken in Main land China) there are quite a number of opportunities there.

The accounting world is an exciting place, just when we thought ENRON would bring down the accountants,, it did just the opposite, it produced more work for accountants, IT auditors.. in the form of SOX, more SEC and regulator requirements. As more Companies go global and more of the economy in Pakistan move towards 'documentation' there will be more opportunities.

I for one cannot simply predit what the future is going to be like.
07-10-2006, 08:04 PM,
Dear Iqbal Qureshi!
As far as ICAP is concerned, this link will give you enough details about ICAP (Chartered Accountants) Statistics & its JOB MARKET;

07-12-2006, 02:40 AM,
ICAP's output almost is the same, however, it's quite probable to see lot of ACCA's joining CA's in future. Agreed with Mr. Pracs, however, this Chinese market concept was something very much new for me. Oppurtunities in the market are not very limited and I precieve them to be on the up, and International Market is always there.

One may his own opinion that weather this accounting world is an exciting place.

Future here is quite unpredictable but I think CA's will remain in demand for atleast quite some years to come, supply at various places creates it own demand. Whats gonna be ACCA's case in Pakistan and how are they gonna affect CA's I always wonder.

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