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Job's Tricks And Tips Desk
02-15-2007, 04:52 PM,
Job's Tricks And Tips Desk
<font color="blue"><i>The Psychometric Tests
You might have heard about the psychometric tests, which are held before the interview for any job. Do you know exactly what are they?
There are two main types of psychometric tests. One type, personality profiles, gives a snapshot of an individual’s preferences, likes and dislikes. The other types, ability tests, assess a candidates’ verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning.
You can boost your chances in ability tests by doing things like reading regularly and solving mathematical problems, but successful personality testing is generally about knowing yourself and giving honest answers.
The results of personality tests are used to best “Fit” candidates into specific job roles. The best piece of advice for you is not to worry, answer naturally and don’t try to create a persona that you think might please the hiring manager.
If your fake personality just to get the job, you will be cheating yourself because you will end up in a job that frustrates, bores and de-motivates you. If you honestly take the personality test and wind up not getting the job, then you can be thankful that you were saved from making a wrong career choice.
Either way, you want to be sure that the job you eventually get matches your inherent personality traits, because then you will be in a job that you are “naturally” good at, and the one that you will look forward to every Monday morning.</i></font id="blue">

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