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A request to Admin and other Seniors
06-19-2007, 07:53 AM,
A request to Admin and other Seniors
This is my request to <b>ADMIN</b> that there should be two sections one is of Pakistani Tax and othe should be of UK TAX so that students of particulat Tax can post their queries in particular section....

I am UK tax student but i don't know about what i should do to post my topic so that only relevent replys will be recieved....

The same problem is with Law and i faced a situation in students section where Mr KamranACA was advising to UK Law student "Zakaria Yamen" in pakistani paradigm......

I hope a serious action will be taken on my query...Isn't it possible that forum should be devided in to subsequent sections like

like level 2 DFD[D] .....

06-20-2007, 08:33 AM,
Still No Response.............................................
06-21-2007, 12:34 AM,
Dear Amir,

Can you point out the post/thread of Zikria Yameen as you referred in above message.

06-21-2007, 02:38 PM,

here you were advising him about employment law....this was first example i will show you second example too

look also below thread

Here Ms Sara Khan also intervene in company reregistration matters despite being student of Pakistani Law....but my last message to this thread will be some sort of relief for you......
06-21-2007, 06:25 PM,
Dear Amir,

First of all Zikria Yameen no where mentioned in his query that he is an ACCA student. Secondly, I wonder if you will find different clarfication in UK law about the qury raised by Zikria Yameen in the above quoted thread.

You must go back to the thread referred by you, check out my clarifications and compare it with UK law. And if you find a variation between the clarification given by me and the provisions of UK law, you must also enlighten me for the sake of my knowledge.

I will appreciate you if you do the needful for above request.


06-21-2007, 06:35 PM,

In my view, there is no need to create further sections of this forum under each technical sub-head already made.

Since ACCAs, CPAs, CAs and many more could be the members of this forum, therefore providing separate places for each category/study programme would not be workable.

The problem raised by Mr. Amir has a very simple resolution i.e. every member while quoting any information or raising any query should mention that in which perspective he is providing the info or asking for the query. Otherwise, it should be construed that whatever has been asked or told is in Pakistan's perspective.


06-22-2007, 06:17 AM,

as in all cases and issues you are just trying to complicate things (don't take offense just my candid observation). Can you just not start a thread titled 'Tax UK' OR 'Law UK' and post your queries there. does that sound simple ?
06-22-2007, 05:17 PM,
<b>Dear KamranACA Sahib</b>

Yes I know that you use their some authentic law quotes from "Black's Law Dictionary" and yes there is no differance at all because we(Pakistanies) were <b>"GHULAM"</b> of <b>"FRANGIEEs"</b>for more than 450 Years......
I only try to say that you have not known to UK LAW and TAX and still you were advising a UK law student and if suppose he asks any querry let suppose as regards to <b>Penelty Clauses</b> this has 180 degree different treatment in UK compare to pakistan....

My Dear Brother Pracs....</b>
I already said that this is only 2 level forum......being individual member i can't creat a <b>PARENT FOLDER</b> but only a thread...and you know in thread things get complicated....
Instead if there is a Folder named as "UK LAW" and "UK TAXATION" then individual members can post their queries therein form of <b>"SUB THREAD"</b>...
This is only which i tryed to say.....
06-22-2007, 05:44 PM,
Dear Amir,

I consulted Black's Law Dictionery while replying to Zikria Yameen but I did not quote anything from this dictionery. The things which I clarified also conform to UK laws and as such I dont find any material variance in the clarification given by me. You have also agreed to this effect in ur above reply.

Therefore, I cannot simply understand how could you quote that thread in ur previous post on this thread as an example where something was asked about UK law and was explained in the context of Pakistani Law. I can only struck my head against the hard surface of the table on this baseless quotation by you. Does not it look a matter of enjoyment for others on ur confused assessments of various issues.

Further, how did you conclude that I dont know anything about UK laws? I may or may not be knowing such laws but how could you conclude? Did you find any DOCTOR QUACK sort of reply from me to some query raised by any respectable member?

I can again struck the head only )

Furthermore, this is not the matter of being GHULAM of any one. I dont find myself their GHULAM. FARANGGIES invaded our sub-continent just as we (muslims) invaded INDIA i.e. by BABAR, GHAORI, ABDALI and GHAZNAVI and so many others from time to time. This is the lust of DUNIYA and had nothing to do with ISLAM and ALLAH and DIN etc, I already explained on some other thread. Similar lust is also embedded in Faranggies being humans like us. If other nations had never remained our ghulam, then no body from us remained the ghulam of FARANGGIES, as well.

Moreover, if the status of Ghulam is a reason of similarity of laws, then all the laws should be similar, which is not the case.

However, I agree that FARANGGIES were very much civilized nation in so many areas of life (much more than us) and they did all the progress decades (and in some cases centuries) before we even thought about those things. Therefore, their laws are still considered to be workable here in sub-continent. I personally feel their promulgated laws to be the best as compared to the efforts so far made by our governments who are really the GHULAM of every powerful nation.

Best regards,


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