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Different rules for foreign companies? what hell
12-06-2003, 12:31 AM,
Different rules for foreign companies? what hell
first of all, correct me if I'm wrong but that's truly disturbing.
A few days back I came to know that SBP has allowed banks to locate their ATMs separate from their branches, that is previously they could not just put an ATM anywhere and 'chal mera bhai'.
now I never knew that there was such a restriction. but I go to this Shell Select shop on Rashid minhas rd. in b/w askari project and millenium shopping mall, and been going there for quite some time now and in that store there's an ATM that belongs to a FOREIGN BANK, so whats with the 'gora saab'? and where's our SBP, I see 'em keep patroling our sch. banks like they own the place??
I've mentioned the location of the store so that if there's a bank branch in some 'kona' and if u happen to know u may clarify.
too much of CCG

Me rulz

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