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Canadian Immigration and ACCA, CIMA, CFA or CMA
09-20-2008, 05:19 AM,
Dear Students and Interested People

In my above posts, I have already asked to save time and efforts to students who want to compete in global markets by getting international designations. In today’s world, if EVENTUALLY one would be COMPELLED to get an international designation, then why not in first place, specially those who can afford today and wants to go abroad in future. Students of Pakistani accounting associations should think and accept that indirect route of foreign qualifications i.e. AFTER successfully completing their program and getting charter/certificate is the MAIN HURDLE in getting 2nd international designation that is LINKED to FIRST getting Pakistani designation under any MOU like with ICAP. 98% of entrants would not achieve this goal neither Pakistani designation nor foreign, if they adopt this INDIRECT route. Eventually, they (i.e."refugees of CA" in language of their hero, atleast now they should understand this privilaged game) would be lined-up for getting private MA (Economics) forms, LLB admissions, or local private and probably unrecognized MBA programs, in order to fill-up deficiencies in their education, just like their predecessors. ONLY members of elite club of 4000 professionals would be able to get 2nd international designation, NOT ordinary students of Pakistani accounting associations. It is an attractive but false illusion and a bait to allure them, being marketed to them by Pakistani associations. Why not students who can afford should go and get it DIRECTLY in FIRST PLACE? Though it is a personal choice based on one’s goals and circumstances, but still questions raised in my 2nd long post above remain intact. Students should think about those with objective and independent state of mind without influence and bias. Moreover, almost all Pakistani designated CAs/CMAs do struggle in Canada to achieve their acceptance in north american highly competitive markets. They try to get Canadian/US designations here through direct or indirect paths, apply for exemptions and study again for years with all difficulties that I have mentioned in first post. Students can see evaluation criteria of Canadian CA association for Pakistani designation holders in the following link. Thats why members of Pakistani accounting associations complain about Canada, because she does not give them red carpet treatment. Again, my question to students remain valid that if they would do hardwork later for foreign association, then why don't do it in first place? Again, if they do it INDIRECTLY, then why not directly?

Without going into personal conflicts with anyone, I just want to explain some fallacies created by people over the years.

Arguments about merits and demerits of any country or region are highly debatable and depend upon personal views and conditions, certainly NOT the objective of this thread. One should open a new thread for other interested participants.

Moreover, logic developed for Pakistani CAs based on MOU with ICAEW and saying that if other accounting institutes have such arrangements with ICEAW then it's indirectly having similar opportunities for Pakistani CAs (which means if institute A has arrangement with B, and B has with C, resultant, C has arrangement/opportunity for A) is basically wrong logic/argument, practically inefficient choice/decision, and creates following situation

(1) Inefficient Choice Again, the same question, which route provides time, efforts, and resources efficient solution to reach a goal? Logical answer is direct, NOT indirect route.

(2) Canadian CA institute CICA has arrangements (reciprocity) with ICAEW, but Pakistani CAs are specifically UNRECOGNIZED for CICA. Please see the link provided below and scroll down to the end and see unrecognized bodies for CICA. So, institute C (i.e. CICA), has arrangement for institute B (i.e. ICAEW), but NO arrangement for institute A (i.e. ICAP).

(3) Identity Loss If a Pakistani CA gets ICAEW’s CA, even then he would get CICA’s CA based on ICAEW’s CA, and NOT based on Pakistani CA that still remains UNRECOGNIZED to CICA and cannot be presented to public in Canada. Please see representation rules in Canada. It is nothing but entry in new country through photo change on someone else’s passport. Some people are good in this trade in back home.

(4) Impractical Option Has anyone calculated actual efforts involved in this option? Only members of Pakistani designations can provide such options. Sheer example of incompetence.

Regarding arrangements between global accounting designations, students may go on following links to nourish their knowledge and reach independent and unbiased decision.





Students should also consider that even AFTER getting FULL membership of ICAP, satisfaction of 24 MONTHS EXPERIENCE REQUIREMNT IN PRE-APPROVED TRAINING CENTRES IN PAKISTAN could be a HURDLE and HIGHLY COMPETITIVE, even if someone ignores existence of ACCA and CIMA members in Pakistan who would also be competing with them to get jobs in pre-approved training firms in Pakistan. If someone argues that applicants can go outside of Pakistan to satisfy 24 months experience requirement, then again original arguments of my previous post remain valid. Students should foresee the situation today.

Even after provision of official web-links to MAIN LEGAL SOURCE AND PRE-ESTABLISHED ASSESSMENT CRITERIA provided by Canadian GOVERNMENT for Canadian immigration in my previous post, claim of short waiting time resonates nothing but illusive and deceitful “professionally qualified legal opinions” which are generally available from so-called immigration consultants in every corner of Pakistan these days. Do professionally designated accounting practitioners in Pakistan bypass IAS (or whatever standards or established criteria they follow) and claim short cuts? This claim lacks tangible, persuasive, and sufficient evidence. By the way, I don’t know much about work ethics in practice of accounting in Pakistan, but Immigration Officers in Canadian embassies do "understand" and follow PRE-ESTABLISHED RULES given by their government strictly. And, yes, I "understand" how "reliable legal opinions" are available in Pakistan and situation of Law.

Moreover, display of other side of the picture could be discussed in detail, but it is not the OBJECTIVE of this thread. Again, one should open another thread for interested participants.

As a learning case opportunity, students should also understand and learn how our educated professionals ruin a positive initiation and activity in back home causing inverse progress.


09-20-2008, 08:10 PM,


Unwillingly, the above post, again requires to be replied.

I wonder how much this man is influenced by his idea of being a Canadian resident only. It's quite interesting to see his "main naa maanoo" posts although I was never intended to make him to agree. Purpose of my posts, I have already clarified, was mainly focused on the students generally confused of his "Canada Chalo" propaganda/half-truth posts. He asks others to open new thread for this purpose but personally is captured by this "Canada Chalo" idea so strictly that nothing else becomes visible to him and he does not even notice to the clarification that my posts were not aimed at to hit him personally. Rather these were to clarify the other side of picture to INTERESTED ones.

I have certainly no intimacies with total failures, less hard working, back benchers and escapers whoever they are; even if they are my real brothers. I explained majority fails doing all other things where one has to face competition. Successful are supposed to be meager in number. This is the rule of success if some one can understand. This is no privilege game at all. No body should be affected by my personal views. I never talk about those who directly start some other qualification feeling it a better option. I however never appreciate those who get failed in CA and then advocate some other designation just because they find an easy way out of it and simply blame CA for so-called reasons. Yes, I have no PROFESSIONAL sympathies for those who find refuge in such designations after getting failed at some other place. Personally I feel them likely to be treated as second option. Second options are also needed at right places. I am neither a hero of some one nor I wish others to follow what is my personal feeling. This is just a personalized narrow minded comment.

AT THE SAME TIME I have no objection if some one else has such sympathies and if some one else feels my statement is biased or else. I simply don't have to debate on a truth.

One must not forget that every one who immigrates for other designation has to make certain efforts either these are on academic side or else. This is not strange if Pakistani CA would have to do so. Further, if five years exposure after doing ACCA to get ICEAW's designation is not a big deal then certainly two years training after doing CA should also not be a big deal. If some one feels he is of course at liberty to feel so.

It's also totally one sided and substantially prejudiced view to say that if Pakistani CA would do 'so and so' qualification (after getting ICEAW's designation) it would not be at the credit of his Pakistani CA. What could be said to the wisdom of such a person? What makes the difference if some Canadian designation does not accept Pakistani CA on the basis of his Pakistani CA but at the same time accepts him on the basis of his ICEAW's CA. After all ICEAW gave him recognition on the basis of Pakistani CA. When we talk about MRAs, recognitions etc then every thing is meant for indirect recognition. I wonder why one runs form his own suggestion of having such indirect benefits from so-called MRAs of his preferred institutions.

Is not it strange that one is worried about IDENTITY LOSS by a Pakistani CA in professional capacity and at the same time wishes Pakistanis to lose their actual identity entirely due to fears of so-called globalization and think nothing else except becoming Canadian because of so-called quality life? They allege everything to “people back in home” and forget that they can never become Canadian in real sense whatever they do or whatever they say or whatever they sacrifice. They are personally from the people back at home. They are not in fact Canadians. I am familiar to see adds like "Get visa for Australia and secure your future", "Get admission in Russia and secure your future", "Get entry to Canada and secure your future". We are Pakistanis and we don't ever say "remain in Pakistan, correct the ruined situations and secure your future as well as the future of generations to come.” No wonders young man!!!

Further, nothing is marketed to any one to become a Pakistani designation holder. This of course carries no personal benefit. I have so many times highlighted that my suggestion to have Pakistani designation first of all is focused to ensure that future is at least secured in Pakistan which is the homeland. Is not it a wonder to run behind other designation like ACCA and ruin all of next 5 to 8 years in homeland just because every one cannot immigrate? Is every one who afford going abroad should also leave Pakistan. What message we are conveying. The person who is sitting in Canada cannot simply understand this. His views are just like the views of Queen of France when people complained her that they don't find flour and bread to eat and she replied, "OK then eat cakes". I know the people who don't come on merit in our universities and then opt self finance schemes just because they are from among 0.0001% population who affords it and over rules the merit.

The opinion of qualified legal consultant I referred is Canada based. Now I don't know what Canadians are. However following link states

"Yes, corruption in Canada is hard to find, but that's more a function of the sophistication of those in power than it is a reflection of their innate honesty"

URL is


At the end I must say to suggestive people that no thread at this forum is owned by members and every one is open to post in such threads. I don't need to open a new thread when I want to clear the doubts created by this thread.

I think now the objective of this thread has become to discuss every thing which we say is not an objective of this thread. At least lingering on the one off clarification for certain students indicates this message.



09-20-2008, 11:22 PM,
Sir Mr Toronto boy.
My education at the moment is ACCA affiliate and student of ICAEW for the last two papers and case study. I had made a decision at a very early stage of my study that I will not go for Pakistani CA,1)It limits you to your country, Here we have people from India doing ACCA saying the same thing.
2) In pakistan, there is some sort of a group of members of CA who do not want to increae the number of CA qualified persons in the country.
3) Mr Kamraqn has passed CA in quite quick time perhaps due to his luck and now he says that ICAP is very right in its exam success policy.
4) I have personally seen hard working students getting failed in CA exam
5) Is pakistani CA a more Big thing than ICAEW , in ICAEW we get about 85% students passing in each attemt where as in CA it is not upto that percentage. Why?
6) Icaew is developing great respect for the ACCA qualification, then why ICAP is sleeping and wrongly thinking about ACCA.
7) I am doing ICAEW ,then I will do CPA and CFA from america and then I will return to my country where no body has the guts to respect other quilification. I will show to my juniors how to respect other quilification.
8) If ICAp members want to be in first place in pakistani industry they should go on getting new and improved skills and update their knowledge rather than just looking down other degrees.They should come out of their sleep and open their eyes to the demands of tommorrow


09-21-2008, 12:41 AM,
Dear Students

Now, one has been fully exposed, talking irrationally and by being on a public forum commits personal attacks in derogatory and offensive tone. This is his way of “HANDLING” and “MAIN NA MANOON” of other participants. Also, shows his expertise in ruining positive activity innitiated by others. I am quite sure, in disguise of advocacy for “innocent” and “indecisive” minds of CA students he would continue to engage and divert objective and informative discussion toward irrelevant, un-wanted, and unproductive street chat and further personal attacks. Therefore, in order to save my time, readers’ time, and bandwidth of this forum I would avoid to reply his crap in future and I would be limited to civilized, cultured, and reasonable discussion with others but him.

Dear students, I have provided various reasons to consider, assess and reach independent and objective decision for global accounting designations already available nowadays in Pakistan for your career planning purpose. Still, I would be available to help and reply your questions. I would strongly suggest to always find main source of information, and to evaluate it without any influence, rumours, merely personal statements or views.

09-21-2008, 01:47 AM,
Dear ad2478

Feel no offence, but professional designations of ICAP/ICMAP or ICAEW/CPA (USA) should not be compared the way you guys are doing, though we may do it on professional grounds. All of these, including Pakistani associations, provide and spread knowledge, and we should respect all of these. We all should show maturity, depth, and respect for others, specially for our own associations. These may have deficiencies, so all systems and associations have, those can be evaluated, but in proper manner.

Moreover, you have hit the right point, and raised a perfect question. You wrote,"is it about "if Pakistani students are willing to go abroad they should take a foreign qualification" or something else...or is it a comparison between local and foreign qualifications?" Generally speaking, experts, consultants, and educated people in Pakistan, including our govt. intentionally or un-intentionally, create this smoke screen, spread confusion, and divert public or discussion toward unending and unproductive debates.

By the way, the original abjective of discussion was that students and interested people who can afford and wanna go abroad later in their life should consider globally designated accounting qualifications which are available today in Pakistan, to save their time, efforts, resources, and energies later when they would have more family responsiblities and other constraints. Unfortunately, it turned toward other un-wanted and irrelevant directions.

Well, lets see, where it goes. Only interested people like you who have questions on this topic can keep it on track.

09-21-2008, 11:28 AM,
Mr Kamran bhai are you brave enough to answer the points raised by Mr khani. Obviously you are not. May I ask a question to you as well.
When the number of CA papers were increased to 22 from 14,the numers of papers one has to pass to get PAKISTANI CA was incresed from 2 to 7/8 for ACCA qualified students and this number was kept at same digit of 2 for ICAEW PASSED STUDENTS,WHY ?

Being the starter of this thread Toronto boy has actually thrown you out of this discussion by saying that he would not answer your replies.

This thread was actually for ypung students who are coming to get admission in accounting qualification like CIMA ACCA ICAEW and a few in CA of ICAP.If u can see there are 12000 students of ACCA in pakistan.How much are there to get admission in ICAP if it was same expensive.ACCA is expensive, probably it is the reason that u can not do ACCA,otherwise u have admitted that u have been studying ACCA books for your CA papers preparations. You are no different from all othere members of CA who have passed CA in 1985 when ICAP was selling for free its degree to show its existance to ICAEW and others like AICPA.

Get understanding of future and the monopoly of ICAP is not going to last for to long I think u should collect some new ideas.
09-21-2008, 04:42 PM,
Dear Khani and EnslavedSpirit

Khani, by seeing your future interest in CPA, in the following paragraphs I would try to provide some information about it and I would also explain working and attitude of foreign global accounting designations, in general, towards their students.

Involvement of human factor plays a vital role in passing or failing a student while evaluating exam copies. Pass/fail of a student very much depends upon agreement or disagreement of human evaluating exam copies with the answers given by students, specially professional exams with qualitative information. We all know if the evaluator would agree with the answer he would pass you otherwise a fail grade. Even if we believe that conditions, influences, and biases with all the teachers who check copies always remain constant, it is impossible. This is why we witness unexpected results. In order to avoid such situation, AICPA (for US CPA), IIA (for CIA exam), IMA (for CMA exam), CFA and almost all American exams like USMLE (medical exam), Bar exam for Law, GRE, SAT, GMAT, CISA etc. use technology in evaluating exam answers. All questions would have only one correct answer, and the computer checks the answers. No human is involved in checking answers. It brings most transparency in copies evaluation process, and is most trustable method.

If a student does not get through the exam, it is due to non-covering the depth and breadth of subject matter at certain required level. No one says to unsuccessful students that they are failed students, but they say you could not achieve certain level, so come again and try again. Next time, after more input, a student passes. Most important point is the positive attitude toward unsuccessful students and not calling them failure but asking them to input more efforts to reach passing mark (for each of 4 CPA exam 75 marks are the passing grade). Marking starts from 100 and goes down, i.e. student loses for incorrect answers, which are graded by computer not human. AICPA (American Institute of CPAs) does not fail a student just because there is no demand in job market for a passing student. They believe the supply would create its own demand. They not only teach, but actually believe and practice free market competition. Their passed students enter job markets, increase further competition, and thus, for survival, bring new ideas, do research and development and thus improve products and services, which on overall basis bring efficiencies in markets. Actual spirit of establishment of AICPA is not only to protect interests of members, but more importantly to serve public interest, and public interest would be served with more competition, not by curtailing competition. AICPA is the single largest accounting association in the whole world with more than 350,000 members (sorry I forgot the exact figure but can be checked on AICPA website). CPA exams are conducted only in USA. So, a student no matter where he/she resides, must have to go to USA to appear in exam. We can imagine what its membership would be if like other accounting associations, it starts offering exams in other countries. Also, unlike other accounting exams of other associations, a CPA student must have to pass all 4 exams within 18 months window, otherwise he/she would start losing credit for previously passed exam. AICPA believes in assessing most latest knowledge of accounting. Its not like a student passes one exam/level in one year and other level 3 years later.

The overall passing rate in one exam remains arround 40%.

Moreover, if a student does not pass, they provide assessment report that tells a student pass/fail in each area of one exam. Students know each area and assigned marks before appearing in one exam. This report tells student about their weak areas and also provide comparative analysis with passed students in that area. It brings complete transparency and helps student in assessment and preparation for next time. Please see links below;



To see their attitude toward unsuccessful students and other very important information about CPA exams, I would strongly suggest to read pages available on following link, specially page 2 for explaination of failure;


I just want to emphasize that associations’ attitude toward unsuccessful students is positive, not negative. Only those students do not pass the exam who does not input required efforts to cross pre-set and computer evaluated passing marks. They don’t think in a way that if they would clear all students, who have crossed passing marks, would devalue worth of already existing members and profession. They believe that each student who does hard work should pass, and this passing is not related to market demand. Further, education and knowledge is the basic right of each person. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, we only say it but not actually practice it. Our general attitude is, mujhay to mill gya hay dosray ko na milay, warna mujhay kon poochay ga.

09-21-2008, 05:33 PM,
Dear rambo

I just wanna do a quick clarification. You wrote, "Being the starter of this thread Toronto boy has actually thrown you out of this discussion by saying that he would not answer your replies."

Sorry, but I disagree with you. Starter of thread does not mean that I own it. It is a public forum. Anyone can contribute on it. Still, its my democratic right, as a participant, to reply or not to reply to anyone. I would simply exercise this right against atleast one person here.

09-21-2008, 05:50 PM,
Dear ad2478

Though discussion about patriotism is not the objective of this thread, but I wanna quickly say that it has many forms, like the examples you provided such as Dr. Qadeer. Similarly, remittances to Pakistan from foreign countries are another example. These are more than 5 billion US $ per annum, which is between 15% to 20% of Pakistan's GNP. Besides exports, these are the biggest source of revenue to Pakistan. Its like one member of your family goes abroad, leaves parents, brothers, sisters and other family members behind, and sends back $$$ to run his home in Pakistan. The largest part of these remitances come from Americas (includes US and Canada), sent by Pakistanis living here. No one can deny importance of foreign remittances in todays Pakistan's alarming trade deficit. Moreover, the professional knowledge and expertise these Pakistanis bring back e.g. Pakistani Doctors working in US, train Pakistani doctors in back home, so bring new skills and knowledge. All these Pakistanis here are embassidors of Pakistan. All these are forms of patriotism.

09-22-2008, 12:47 AM,
Toront boy please tell us about CPA of AUSTRAILLIA
09-22-2008, 03:31 AM,
Dear Khani

Thanks for asking info about CPA Australia. One important point I want to explain that CPA Australia and CPA (USA) are two separate and independent accounting associations, but through MRA between two, it is easy for member of one association to get membership of other, as compared to unrecognized Pakistani associations. To get more information about CPA Australia, please use following links;









09-22-2008, 04:10 AM,
Dear ad2478

I think, once you asked for info about CMA. Presuming your probable interest in CMA (IMA of USA) and CMA (Canada), I am providing links for main sources.

For CMA (IMA) follow links;





For CMA (Canada) follow links;

http// Note CMA Canada has MRA with CIMA (UK) and CIPFA (UK).

http// This is the link for CMA's national website.

http// This is the link for CMA Ontario province website.


I hope this serves the purpose.

Just a side note In any case, we should not forget that it is a public forum where girls/women also visit. Use of some words would not be appropriate. I hope you won't mind it.

09-23-2008, 04:28 PM,
Dear All,
Please find below useful links of Global Qualifications.

<font color="red"><b>Finance & Accounts Global Qualifications links</b></font id="red">

<font color="green"><b>CMA (Certified Management Accountant)</b></font id="green"> Official website of Institute of Management Accountants (IMA-USA)

http// An extremely useful and brilliant online tuition provider of CMA, Excellent!!! + Discussion forum and online help is available by Hock Teachers.

http// CMA in Karachi

http//, CMA Certification Good resource material CMA Student Support Strategic Finance Magazine by IMA. Monthly Management Accountant Publication by IMA. IMA learning Centre

http// FAQs about CMA/CFM.

http// Sir Syed University Program of CFA/CMA/CFM.

http// Tips for taking CMA/CFM exam.

http// CMA conference.

http// CMA discussion forum.

http// CMApedia very good resource material.

http// CMA Course Outline - PDF Format

http// A good comparison between CMA and CPA. PDF Format.

<font color="green"><b>

CPA (Chartered Public Accountant-USA)</b></font id="green">

http// CPA –Everything related to it study material, discussion forums etc. CPA Official site.

<font color="green"><b>CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)</b></font id="green">, Official website of CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

http//, CFA Discussion forum, and more. Excellent!!!

http// CFA Preparation and help.

http// CFA information, Good one.

http// Discussion forum regarding all 3 levels of CFA.

http// CFA and some other Professional designations.

<font color="green"><b>CIA (Certified Internal Auditor)</b></font id="green"> Official website of CIA [Certified Internal Auditor]

<font color="green"><b>CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner)</b></font id="green">

http// Details, Course, Certification of CFE.

<font color="green"><b>Accounts & Finance Links</b></font id="green">

http// Dictionary of Finance Terms.

http// Finance Dictionary - Subscribe and get “One term a day”. Link for Pakistani Students of Accounts/Finance. News, Resource Material, Discussion Forum etc., AAT official site. (Association of Accounting Techniques)

http// Online Accounting Tutorial.

http// Accounting Budget Variance Analysis.

http// Online Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Planning and analysis MCQs, FAQs, Online Quiz and much more A wonderful link to conceptual accounting.

http// Cash Flow Statement.

http// Sample Cash flow statement.

http// Oh! What an excellent Accounting link, really good one.

http// Break Even Analysis.

http// Link to Financial Management.

http// A good site for credit control forms and memos.

http// Going Global with Accounting – Forbes.

http// Accounts & Finance Articles.

http// Fundamental of Financial Accounting Book’s manual and tutorials for basic preparation of Accountancy and Financial statements analysis.

<font color="green"><b>
Economics</b></font id="green"> ,A link to Economics tutorials and resource material.

http// Opportunity Costs, Explicit Costs, and Implicit Costs – Economic definitions & Explanation.

http// An Introduction to Macroeconomics Analysis.

http// Equilibrium Analysis.

http// Economics as a social science.

The digital Economics - Resource material and concepts of economics well explained. Good one!

I hope this helps!
09-23-2008, 09:31 PM,

Dear Khani, ad2478 and others,

Due to certain pre-occupations I could not remain in touch. Whatever has been written in this thread in the form of questions has been explained in other threads many times and wherever is required, would again be tried to answer.

However, before this, I just place on record that no body was humiliated unless a reason was created to do so and even then limits were used. One should re-visit his words in each and every post. Like is likely to be replied with like. Here I would not go in detail to explain again that my initial mail was not purposed to hit some one personally. Rather it was an explanation for those who got confused of the one sided view and this fact was out rightly mentioned.

The question came that, is ICEAW not better than Pakistani CA? Reply is yes; off course it is better in international arena due to so many reasons. This has, however, nothing to do with whatever I wrote in earlier posts. I have, at so many places in other threads, mentioned that ICEAW is better. This is not new to be discussed.

In Pakistan, however, member of ICEAW or ICAP are JUST equal and if ICEAW member would like to be in practice he would be required to qualify certain papers of ICAP. Similarly ICAP members are required to qualify some papers (3) of ICEAW to become its members.

No group at ICAP is supposed to fail the students deliberately. It's a childish thinking. The matter is of survival of the fittest and this happens every where, I have already explained.

There is no monopoly. This thinking reflects a failure avenge and should be avoided if some one finds himself up to the mark. No body is relative of any one in council that he gets passed quickly without any reason. There is nothing like luck I also mention. One has to study and come up to the required level. Otherwise, keep on striking head, be a part of so-called esteemed 98%, and nothing will come out of it. It's again an ALAF LAILVI thinking.

The question of Khani about why ACCA is not being given the anticipated recognition in Pakistan has already been specifically replied to him on another thread. Khani, please do visit it again if you have forgotten. It's not so simple to be understood without understanding the whole process. ICAP recognized ICEAW's designation (even in practice) in full before even getting into corresponding MOU etc. We cannot complain that why at that time ICEAW was not giving such exemptions to ICAP. Now even having an MOU, ICAP is requiring ICEAW members to pass certain papers for getting into practice. This was not required in past. I would again like to mention that if ACCA is so prestigious then why it looks forward to get exemptions from ICAP. We are not the policy makers. Mutual recognitions find their roots in so many considerations which I have already explained to you.

Rambo, a guy appeared here with hilarious remarks. He has similar grouses of having lesser exemptions. What an innocent question? Anyway! For his info, I did my CA in recent years and not in 1985. Recent years mean last half decade. Further, if in 1985 it was available in free then why the people like him could not increase its number in Pakistan and remained part of esteemed and innocent 98% category. From young professionals, I could not understand what he wanted to argue. It may be indicating young 98% population. His argument of ICAP's monopoly is again reflective of his un-informed thinking and I don't comment on it.

ad2478 has asked a question


i have one more question from you KAMRAN bhai which is confusing me. how a local qualification will secure our future then compared to a foreign one? suppose if i do ACCA ....and other guy do CA...dont you think even at our local business sector ACCA will be preferd as it is a TRUTH that UK education is 1000 times better then of ours? you might say qualifications are designed for their specifi regions but even this is confusing.because we study the same thing in ACCA or CA. I mean if its auditing stuff then ofcourse auditing have the same meaning all over the world then how will a local qualification will secure our future??


I normally don't like to reply the questions which are asked with totally unaware minds and lack of basic concept. I think you should try to find out what is meant by local charter and why studying same "auditing" does not make an ACCA equal to CA, at least in Pakistan and makes CA equal to CPA in USA and so on. This thread is, as said earlier, not focused on CA v/s ACCA debate. It has already been discussed so many times. Just open the threads and find answers.

Still, if you don't understand (I called it innocent age) then do your ACCA and come out to the local market. You will come to know the difference.

I again mention that I am not against ACCA in general, I have read its books. However, simply the good books cannot make any certification the best in itself. This fact has been discussed at length. Leaving every thing behind, in fact everything sums up in market requirement. Go out and try to find out ACCAs in the market. You will be answered. ACCA is a good gateway for further qualifications but does not isolatedly make up a good rewarding qualification.

As far as the issues of Pakistan are concerned, I have similar views about it. I never regarded Pakistan a best place to live at. But our problem is that we are born as Pakistanis. Now, when a boat is going to drown there appears two way outs. One is to leave the boat and swim out of the water. The other is to try to the last moment for saving the boat. There is always a chance to swim out if you know swimming. But the ones who save the boat are the ones who have to own the boat. If Pakistan is wrong, it's wrong due to ourselves. Every corrupt is our relative. If not mine then yours, and if not yours then mine. Either deny your existence as Pakistani as some people here appear to do, or try to do something for making it good. As far as the names of the corrupt people and generals discussed, I don't have different views about them. It's bit controversial but I don't feel very delicate about AQ Khan as well. He had been part of the nuclear trade and he cannot deny it. These people have caused Pakistan to reach at this corner although he was among the ones who gave Pakistan the nuclear strength. Things are quite controversial.

I, at the end, like to say that having more than one qualifications, specially obtaining international qualifications is not bad idea. It's more logical in view of our threatened existence as a nation. Again this is not something new which I am saying. However, whenever we talk about it we should remain un-biased and must show both sides of the picture. When someone says sitaron kay aagey jahaan aur bhi hain, he must not forget that all those JAHAANS don't end up in one country who is itself dependent upon work force of other nations being called “back in home”. Those back in home have been making most of this so-called wonderland!!!

Despite this all, Pakistan is not a good place (in particular) for ACCAs isolatedly. I mention it because most of the arguing people pertain to it or to the esteemed so-called 98% class. If some one has doubts, he should try it and get the results. No body is going to be harmed.


09-24-2008, 03:45 AM,
Dear ad2478 and EnslavedSpirit

With all of my limited knowledge, I would try to answer your questions. I am not expert in this. So please don’t quote me if I am wrong somewhere. Following is link for IMA Toronto chapter. Some names appear to be Pakistanis. Contact them through their email for guidance. I hope they would help you. Also, search this forum for CMA(IMA), CPA (USA) or other designations. There are many people and enough information is available regarding your specific questions for Lahore or Pakistan. Contact them too.


You wrote, ""Respected Administration I am a student from Pakistan. And i am doing BS in Accounting and Finance (we have to majors in our final year). And after that i am interested in CMA. Kindly guide me to few questions regarding CMA. Can I attempt CMA papers in Lahore? If yes then how and from where?
How many times papers are held in an year?"

My reply It depends whether your institute is nationally (i.e. in Pakistan) and internationally recognized or not. For CMA(IMA) and CPA (USA) exams, a foreign candidate (like from Pakistan) needs marksheets/degrees be evaluated from approved evaluation service by IMA for CMA exams and by State Board of Accounting for CPA exams. CMA exams can be taken through Prometric in all over the world, including Lahore. Check Prometric website. Any time in year, but number of attempts are limited in one year for one paper. Use links






Can you tell me of tution provider in Lahore? Or I can also do self study?

My reply I have no idea about Lahore. Yes, you can prepare yourself. But, in my view, unless you have strong understanding and studied Financial Accounting at Advance level, Management Accounting, Auditing, Tax, Economics, Finance, Business Law, it may be difficult to prepare by self study. Use link;


How many papers are there in CMA?

My reply 4.


Are there exemptions after BS in accounting and finance?

My reply No.


What is the eligibility for registering for CMA papers?

My Reply http//


What is the fee of Papers + Registration?

My Reply Check through your computer under fee. Here, it shows me fee for Canadian candidates.

After passing CMA papers for how many years we will have to work to gain experience and to place the CMA qualified designation with us?

My Reply http//

Please provide me with the link to CMA Syllabus.

My Reply http//



IS CMA designed to meet the specific market conditions of your country or it has universal acceptance?

My Reply Regarding Pakistan, check over there. Following is IMA’s claim



What is the equality of CMA? I mean after doing CMA can we do PhD directly (in accounting or finance)?

My reply Difficult question. No idea. Check with universities.

From where I can purchase the books related to CMA courses in Lahore, Pakistan?

My reply No idea about Lahore. Besides IMAs own literature, hock is one provider, and many people suggest gleim too. There are other less renowned providers.


After doing CMA in what kind of business sectors and industries I can work? I mean service industry only or even in manufacturing industry?

My reply http//

I hope my replies would be helpful.

Good job. Keep it up. Please include following links too in your list.


http// NASBA conducts uniform CPA exams on behalf of AICPA.

http// For various Board of Accountings in USA.

http// Marksheets/Degrees evaluation service for CPA (USA). There are some other too. Search on Board of Accounting sites.


http// Gleim is a good material provider for CPA (USA), CMA(IMA), and CIA (IIA).


http// Prometric website for CMA(IMA) exams. Select Pakistan, Exam section etc. to get exam centre info.

Prometric exam sites in Pakistan to take CMA(IMA) exams
Test Sites
Schedule Appointment
Site Info, Driving Directions

Phone 92512272708
HSE 3 & 5, ST 17 & 18, F-6/2,

Schedule Appointment
Site Info, Driving Directions

Phone 92215879759
Site Code 8781 United State Education Foundation (KARACHI)
H#F-47/1 Park Lane, Block#5, K.D.A Scheme#5

Schedule Appointment
Site Info, Driving Directions
Phone 92 42 576 2466
Site Code 8783 USEFP,Testing and Advising Centre
House # 19


http// ACCA (USA) forum.



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