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UAE - Market Situation
04-03-2009, 04:55 AM,
Dont worry Toronto_Boy this little girl has gone out of control and only wants posts that support her stupid arguments.
04-03-2009, 04:56 AM,

i wonder what makes this user think that i have never been to UK or Europe? has he dreamed of my passport with the visa stamped??

You havent replied to the questions raised? dont hide behind Sir Kamran's posts. you have openly
said that you are using a fake name, you have used the letters ACCA with a fake name.

my questions are still unanswered!! you wrote on an open forum about ure training contrac twith the ICAI (ireland) so you shouldt hesitate to clarify either.

04-03-2009, 05:10 AM,
Dear Readers

Here some people are asking from advocates of ethics to condemn another member and asking for legal references.

So, here are some references. No-one can be pronounced guilty and condemned merely based on allegations and under the presumption of innocence until it is proved otherwise. As per Law, people remain innocent until proved guilty. But here some members are trying hard to say contrary to requirements of the Law.

Such attempts by members whom mistakes are already proved and do not accept those mistakes are at-least not fair. It not only proves ignorance of the Law, but also lack of knowledge of basic requirements of Law in first place. For everyone’s convenience, I am providing couple of weblinks here;



Therefore, before asking me to condemn others, members should accept their mistake first.

Moreover, just to place on record for readers, I wanna say it clearly again that I dislike all bad words used and provocative posts written by any writter, including me very first.

Admin and readers both can now see that, this is how events/ things proceed, about which some writers complain later. Even though I have said that I don’t wanna go in another debate and also not supporter of wrongdoings of anyone, but still people are trying hard to involve me.

04-03-2009, 05:16 AM,
Dear Toronto_Boy

its is principle of law of tort that Everyone is innocent unless proven otherwise. But this little girl who calims that she is studying ACCA F4 law paper does not know anything about it. KamranACA who claims that he is member of ICAP does not know anything about it.

So this liitle girl is either not studying ACCA or falied this time and showing her frustration. KamranACA is either not ICAP member and if he is ICAP member then it shows caliber of ICAP members who do not know anything.

That is why I said Rabia-K and KamranACA are same person.

Thirdly qualified ppl and student of any professional association do not do post these kinds of funny posts. Little girl did all this, changed profile on geo shaadi so that it comes up in google search cause I call her little girl, She accepted it. Actually Rabia-k is little girl with little mind and little brain wants I give her my personal details only to satisfy her. you can judge her and her fellows mental level
04-03-2009, 05:22 AM,
I am more than happy to give answer of all funny questions which requires giving out my full ID, provided you accept you are interested in me (that could be only reason since this little girl repeated asking for my ID) and looking for groom on net. At least first accept it.

Come on your family has been living in country for decades where u r treated third class residents
04-03-2009, 05:29 AM,
So readers can see she did all this cause she had been called <font color="red">little girl</font id="red"> (very truely) two months back.
04-03-2009, 05:31 AM,
the answers are awaited!

04-03-2009, 05:51 AM,
Dear mroneflower

I hope you would not feel any offence here.

I would request you to please stop posting on both threads. Leave this matter on readers understanding. Save your efforts and time for more constructive work. Try to understand, this may be an indirect attempt to get rid of you from this forum by a senior member who does not like you here. He has already asked Admin for this on the other thread. To get his objective he may use another member. That is why he is adding fuel to fire, both directly and indirectly.

I hope you would understand such objective of writing such type of provocative posts here.

04-03-2009, 06:02 AM,
Dear Toronto_Boy

You are right and I already pointed out that this girl did all these things including making and editing of profiles on geo onlly because she was called Little Girl. The other person is doing all this because he was not able to defend ICAP.

I never wanted to clarify things to these two writers. I tried to bring real picture on other thread. I only replied to this girl posts to show what this girl has done and why this girl has done so. i do not know why Admin still allow her to post and do not ban her when she accepted why she did all this.

I already said yesterday I am not bothored, but this girl has proven she do not have brain.

Thanks and I will try to ignore her as I ignore other writer.
04-03-2009, 06:21 AM,
Miss rabia-k

I say it very clearly that I DO NOT support ANY BAD WORD written by mroneflower here for you, two months back or this time again. I HATE EACH and ALL those words which you may even slightly dislike that one can say about you. I DO RESPECT you.

You are a BRIGHT student and deserve access to this website that you may loose if things go out of control.

I am requesting you to leave this matter on readers understanding. I am simply trying here to quell the fire. However, you may say me again, “don’t worry about me.”

I hope you would not feel any offence.

04-03-2009, 06:27 AM,
Dear mroneflower

Please stop repeating this word “little girl” and other bad words which you would not like to be used for yourself, and please at-least delete some of your very recent posts on this thread as a first goodwill gesture toward Miss rabia-k.

I would personally be thankful to both of you to understand severity of the situation. Someone else is playing with future of both of you, here on this forum and with ACCA, by adding fuel to fire by his posts. He would not loose anything in this case.

04-03-2009, 06:42 AM,
Dear Toronto_Boy

Thnaks for your posts and I have already ignored this girl. As far as my future is concerned I have done what I wanted to do and have acheived my qualification while ago (although some ppl do not beleive). Yes as far as her future is concerned yes it could be on risk as she is ACCA part 2 student.

I hope you will understand. Anyone can see other guy frustration.

I have no problem in deleting my post but she should at least admit publicly that she did all this for personal reasons not only created profiles on geo shaadi but also made appropriate changes so that it comes up in google search.

I do not have anything personal against her, even though she gone to that limit.
Once again thanks for your post.
04-03-2009, 04:39 PM,
Toronto Boy i have asekd a very simple question in my 3rd post on the 3rd page of this thread.
i am laughing at the above post, what a joke!!

No one is adding fuel to fire, just trying to clarify some claims made by the said user.
04-03-2009, 05:45 PM,
Mr MasudCA did u obderve with open eyes or closed eyes? i have not asked any user for his personal ID/real name/ personal confidential info at all. i have asked a simple question, which is no way offensive , ICAI(CA) or ACCA? please re-read 3rd post of mine on 3rd page of this thread.

i must say one cant use a fake name and then use the letters ACCA with the fake name.

i am not forcing any1 to answer, its up to them to answer or not but none can stop me from posting my question and asking for an answer. i dont think its too difficult a question to be answered.

please post if you wish . i have already made myself clear that i wont repeat that act again. so be assured i will remain in my limits . please note that the ACCA holds a directory of all its members .
04-03-2009, 07:47 PM,

My above posts are sufficient to show the face of a member which can help making appropriate conclusions about him. The man in question has failed to provide any clarification or answer so far and is just beating about the bush. His fakeness has been brought before every one visiting this thread. There could only be two possibilities which I analyze hereunder

Firstly, if he is "Khalid Naseem Sipra" (as he used to write "Khalid Sipra") then he is liar and everything he posted is to be considered fake, as Khalid Naseem Sipra qualified ACCA in December 2008 session and is an ACCA affiliate so far. He can't be the member of ACCA by any means even now and also in 2006 when he was a student. We may not forget that this man used to write ACCA with his name in 2006, which designation one cannot use without being member of ACCA. I wonder if it is not discreditable under ACCA rules to use designation ACCA while they were not even qualified and were poor struggling students in the capacity of "LITTLE BOYS", having "LITTLE MIND" and "LITTLE BRAIN". I offer my apologies to other ACCA students but these words were necessary since these were originally used by him for a student of ACCA.

Secondly, if he is not "Khalid Naseem Sipra" and is using the fake ID "Khalid Sipra" which has a greatest similarity with the actual name of an ACCA affiliate (qualified in 2008 December) then there are three issues. At first, he is indirectly defaming the name of original person which some how "by chance" is also from Pakistan, settled at Greenwich U.K. and is also "by chance" into ACCA. (What a great deal of similarities. It speaks something). Further, if he is not an ACCA member and was not an ACCA member in 2006 (although if we assume he is not Khalid Nasem Sipra) it is wrong to write ACCA with his name. Furthermore, writing ACCA with a fake name (that has great resemblance with the name of another ACCA affiliate) and declaring such membership to every one on a public forum is immoral.

I wonder if there is any other possibility. Readers can judge it well!!!

He calls Rabia a third class citizen, which in fact is the fault of a Government, but I wonder if he is first class citizen of the country where he resides. Some one from UK can throw light on it. I know it since there are lot of my loved ones including friends at UK. Other things said about Rabia are too ridiculous to be discussed. She is like a sister for most of the members of this forum including this fake man by virtue of the religion. I know explaining him anything moral bears no effect. I confirm by pointing out above, I am not preaching the religion which I may be doing elsewhere. I don't object but I wonder why Admin provides this man such a great amount of leverage on using such language. Here even he himself is not being criticized for being little or old, or short or tall, or whitish or fair, or British or Pakistani etc (the words used in one of above paragraphs are copied from his own post to make him understand). These have nothing to do with the discussion going on. He should mind it that others can come up with such analysis as well and may hit below the belt by ridiculously discussing personal background, family members and everything. One should understand what I am saying. I know it would be ridiculous, prohibited and is by no mean a way to deal the matters. I request Admin to take action at least on such words. If some one is justified he should answer the questions. It's not a personal issue like the forgoing ones, since it relates to misrepresentations on a public forum. We should place both the things separate otherwise his acts can bounce back to him.

It's wrong if some one assumes, he is the only advocate of ethics. I mean one may be among them but there could be others as well, so taking it specifically is not justified at least at this point of time and on this thread. If he feels I said only to him I request him to note the explanation. Since some one has asked not to call him in question, I confirm he was not called and he will not be called. I hope things can settle now to that extent. The referral of the matter to Admin is my pleasure and I have no objection on it.

Just to confirm, I let the readers know that I do understand the difference between "accused" and "criminal". Also with a confirmation that I am not referring it to any one specifically (either directly or indirectly), I point out that all the criminals are always accompanied by lawyers during the stage they are called "accused". This does not make lawyers the criminal or accused. At the end of the day "accused" has to become "criminal" if things get proved. I also mention my understanding that this forum is not a court of justice. Pointing out some wrong acts done here is aimed at to save the readers from misrepresentations. I know people can take their decisions but misrepresentation can always affect.

I would look forward to have any justified reply to the so called "rubbish" matter of "Khalid Naseem Sipra" a recent ACCA qualified and ACCA affiliate. As far as "pleasures on peoples direct confirmation from ACCA and Khalid Naseem Sipra" are concerned these may vanish soon. ACCA can be requested to post a message to the Admin of this forum to stop the fake misrepresentation provided this man is not original one. I may not be doing so personally.

I received telephonic call from a much respected friend, who is also the forum member and an ACCA member, that, to save the future of this man, such matter may not be taken to ACCA. Since my friend is a very kind person and I always feel a great deal of respect and honour, I promised that this will not be done by me at least. If some one else will be doing so, I cannot stop. Therefore, I may request that this issue should be justifiably clarified to save every one from going to that length.



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