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UAE - Market Situation
04-03-2009, 08:25 PM
Post: #211
I request the member to re-visit his words about fueling the topic, playing with future and intending to get rid of some one.

If disclosure of factual position to point out misrepresentation on public forum is "fueling" then asking for remdeial action against all immoral acts is invariablly fueling at every corner of the world. The forum is not my property and I am no body to wish for getting rid of any one. Asking Admin to take action against any one is right of all members.

These objections are personlize and mligned!!!

I leave it to the decision of the member without saying anything further.

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04-03-2009, 10:12 PM
Post: #212

We are seeing the ethics which you propagate. Since you feel you are not posting and must not be discussed therefore I advise you to think before leaping. Let me explain your few stupid questions point-wise.

1. "Accused" was used to explain my understanding in response to post of another member. It was not tagged to any one's name in writing. Rabia-k rightly said that you don't use eyes properly to read and conclude. I mean these are not my words but your action speaks your approach.

2. The name of Khalid Naseem Sipra with his brief particulars is totally public information that was available on internet. His location, student number and session of passing are also given by ACCA. Every one can see his result, discuss it and share with others. It's nothing behind a veil. Quoting his name was aimed at to save that ACCA affiliate (provided he is not the same person) from the affects of fake acts done by a forum member. If you feel it is not public information and quotation of ACCA's result and link of website is un-ethical then it may be so in Scotland. Keep such concept with yourself. However, don't try to divert the matter and attention from the bundle of fake representations that man makes and the lies he has been posting. You cannot succeed doing so. Let me assure you.

3. If you feel an ACCA affiliate qualifying in December 2008 session could be a member till now, please note this gentleman Khalid Naseem Sipra was not a member until last day (02 April 2009) and it could be confirmed from ACCA if you feel like doing so. I will not tell you how I know it, you have means to confirm what I am saying, so go ahead and do it if you are concerned. You said you believe in words. Further, the issue of being a member or not is not only specific to year 2009. Rather, it has to be seen relevant to year 2006. Don't try to mix up the things.

4. If you feel there is no ethics in Pakistan for the stupid objections you mentioned, point it out to IFAC, which is the controlling body in case of every professional body, and which accidentally (this word is for you) feels Pakistani bodies and their members are compliant of code of ethics. You impliedly said that you have ability to judge the matter in a better way than IFAC. If it is so, this is beyond your professional limits and ethics. Don't you feel this could be referred by any one who may be knowing you in person to ICAS or IFAC? Re-visit your words, merely for the sake of disagreement with one person you are calling the whole profession of a country into question.

5. I know how much equality is at UK. Do you need references of so many news depicting your equality which are available in abundance? I said that because I know what that meant. In fact if there is any thing wrong that is not the fault of any of its inhabitants irrespective of the reasons of their stay at such location.

6. "Struggler" is not an indecent word. There is off course a difference between "struggler" and "failure". Every one who struggles for any thing (i.e. is in process of achieving the targets) is struggler and the one who gives up is failure. If you have not heard or read this word, I refer you to see good English dictionary or some legal dictionary. There is no need of giving such advice but your innocence prompted saying so. If you find it indecent, it's your will.

7. You are considering this website "dangerous", you advise others to run from this site, you don't want to get into debates and even then you are here. Amazing!!! I mean some one was saying that I am wishing to get rid of some member. In fact you are doing so.

You call Admin of this forum "sleepy" and with other rubbish words. I wonder who authorizes you to say so. However, this is a matter to be observed by Admin. I am just pointing it out.

You charge the others for being rude and you yourself cross all limits. You cannot say at the end of your post that please don't pull me into debate. If you have posted, you have to own it. If it is not clear, let me know. I will explain.


Some one here doubted that Rabia-k and kamranACA both are same person using different IDs. However, you confirmed him to the contrary. Here, I have to call your attention to one aspect. The man having ID "mroneflower" steps in every discussion and uses indecent language for others and makes various fake representations. When he is replied and he runs out of explanations, this man MasudCA appears to advocate him and starts using indecent ways to support "mroneflower". This happened twice and at the stage where the other was almost withdrawing from the discussion. He also used indecent language for accountancy profession, Pakistan, this forum, its members and Admin. This practice raises some significant doubts.

I know you have a continuous monitoring to fix double IPs. However, I request you to check if these both persons are same. They may not be, I understand. But just for the sake of clarity I am posting this request.


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04-03-2009, 10:14 PM
Post: #213
We look forward if someone likes to clarify the issue of fake name, using some one else's name and calling himself ACCA member way back in 2006.


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04-03-2009, 10:36 PM
Post: #214
Dear all forum members i shall no longer reply to this matter. as per my knowlege i am 100% sure that "justice has been done." this matter is crystal clear.

Sir Kamran, its my humble request to you to not reply anymore to this particular matter anymore. however my request is at your disposal , you may accept or reject it. if you wish you can get back to the topic of this thread. once again i am saying that "justice has been done."

Rabia K.
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04-03-2009, 10:41 PM
Post: #215
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