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Career in Meezan Bank
02-28-2009, 05:34 PM,
Career in Meezan Bank
I did Master in IT, now in final semester of MBA (Finance) at SZABIST Karachi.

I just want to know
How is Meezan Bank as starting a career in banking?
Recently they hired people as <b>Trainee Officer for Branch Network only</b> after one month in-house training they rotate people for 5 months in different branches then appointment will be given as Senior Officer II.
What is Senior Officer II Level as compare to OG I, OG II & OG III?
What is difference between Branch Banking vs corporate ?
How promotions are made in banking? specially if some one joins Branch Banking?
What value IBP exams will add in promotions and salary increase specially in Meezan bank.
What is rapid career growth path in banks and specially Meezan Bank?
In today circumstances when all banks in trouble and they are firing people, how come Meezan bank hiring? are they not affected by current economic situation?

02-28-2009, 11:10 PM,
Dear Member,

I will try to cover some of the queries you raised ,

Meezan Bank

Meezan bank is a first islamic bank in Pakistan, currently the largest islamic bank.

Normally we have two types of banks in Pakistan Conventional ( like NBP, Habib bank, Standard Chartered ) and Islamic Banks ( like Meezan Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank , etc).

Majority of the conventional banks also introduced islamic banking through specialized branches or departments like Al Falah Bank Standard Chartered etc,

To start with Meezan bank your career will start in Islamic Banking, (but in future you can switch to conventional). As Islamic banking is growing in Pakistan it is a good choice to start with.

Which Bank to join?

If you have multiple opportunities then go the established bank , having larger network and deposit base. ( more deposit base means more customers and in return more experience to handle various situations.)

The negative aspect of joining large bank is that you will disappear in thousands of employees , the chances of promotion are less , but in long run big name will give you benefit if you will switch to any smaller bank , you may jump one or two positions.

The positive aspect is that you will get more experience and you will find knowledgeable people around you , from them you will learn a lot.

Corporate Structure

Usually bank have various departments like finance / audit / treasury / Hr/ Admin/ Legal/ IT / etc etc .... Branch networks are usually come under operation department.

There is much difference in joining Branch Banking or other departments in bank.

You can join any department of the Bank , but then your career will move according to that , for example if you join Accounts department, your promotion , increments will depends on your accounting qualification only, from simple BCOM to CA , you must show your accounting skills to grow in the department. Usually CA will lead the department means you must be a chartered accountant to get the most.

If you join Legal , your growth will depend on your LLB degree. Same are the cases of Information Technology Department, Audit HR etc etc.

Some departments like Credit , treasury may give you good growth depending on your understanding and learning of the work but still you must support it with your specialized educational certificates / degree to reach the top.

Branch Banking is totally different and very vast in terms of exposure. Here you will learn pure banking which includes , operation, treasury, accounts , audit , credit etc etc. And best thing is that in Branch Banking your experience counts . Your growth will be unlimited , 99% Banks presidents are from Branch Banking.

In any bank there will be one finace / accounts /audit etc etc departments but atleast more than one branch in some cases 100s.


Usually in every bank yearly evaluations are done , bonus , promotions are based on these evaluations . If you are hard working , you will get promotion may be some time delayed ( usually in big banks )but you will get it.

Educations earned during the job will be a plus points all the banks sponsor the Banking Diploma and Masters program. You need to check the HR policy of meezan bank for this. But Cash rewards are must.

This is wrong perceptions that Banks are firing people , normally sales person are lay-off due to their performances. In case two banks are merged then staff are cut but normally they get the jobs in other banks.

For each addition of Branch in any Bank people are required , to handle the affairs of branch staff are also required in every department, whether its IT or credit , accounts or Audit.

You will find that various new banks are coming in Pakistan , and branches are opening every where.

Best of Luck with your new assignment.

03-01-2009, 03:44 PM,
Thanks Sumair Bhai for detailed answer. Its my first chance for Banking sector and I not know much about its working. Thanks alot for guiding and helping me.

When you says "Banks have departments, Finance, Audit, Treasure, HR, Admin, Legal, IT" ...then these departments are at the Head Office OR some one can get exposure of these in Branch Banking too?

When you says "You can join any department of the Bank , but then your career will move according to that " here departments means, Departments at Head Office OR such departments exists at Branches too ?

What is Senior Officer II Level as compare to OG I, OG II & OG III?

I saw people, who were offered Branch Banking Postion but they were refusing it by saying that "I want to join Head Office not branch banking" ?

These people were also telling career path is very long or different if they join branch banking as compare to Management Trainee Officers who are appointed directly at Head Office. Why is that so??
03-01-2009, 08:59 PM,
Usually all departments are in Head Office , sometimes IT or AUDIT departments are not in the same location due to various reasons.

To join Head office or branch banking is depending on personal decision and judgment, a person holding LLB degree may decide to join legal department in a bank rather than Branch. same is the situation with IT or accounting guy.

Career growth is same in both the cases , it is based on evaluation. In departments, head of the departments are responsible for evaluation whereas in branches , Branch Managers are their.

I exactly dont know the structure of Meezan bank , therefore unable to comment on comparison of senior officer 11 position.
07-17-2010, 05:37 PM,
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