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Termination of Membership of a Shareholder
07-09-2009, 01:27 PM,
Dear Faisal,
Yes, it is difference of mindset your are seeing the termination in broad sence while I am looking on the issue stictly on the basis of question that was actually asked. So it is only a difference of opinion,there is nothing personal between us.

Keep it up.


Awais Aftab
07-11-2009, 01:34 PM,
Dear Retarded Brother,

Please see the date when I raised that question. I raised this question in the march. The last post was posted by me on March 28. This was you that again gave birth to this topic.Raja Asad and I have completed our findings regarding this issue in March 2009. I think you are trying to increase your number of posts because you are not even a junior.
I am working with a large company on responsible position and visit the forum only to enhance my knowledge not for point scoring. Please do not put smileys in your quote we are all professional. I have posted more than two hundred fifty posts but in none of my post I have used smileys. I can also use smiley in this post but I dont like to do so and expect same from you.

For your kind information I and faisal desperado have e-mail addresses of each other and also communicate with each other through emails and there is good relation between us. He has sent me many valuable material. I really appreciate his knowledge and have honour for him.

Awais Aftab

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