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Important Tax Questions for Dropshippers
11-05-2009, 11:23 PM,
Important Tax Questions for Dropshippers
Hello all,

I'm in the process to incorporate a LLC company in Florida or in Delaware, I'm checking with my accounting where is the best option. I'm not located in the US and I'm not a US resident. Our business operation is E-Commerce and mainly using Drop Shipping service from our providers.


1. I have drop shipping suppliers in different states. Some of them charge me taxes when shipping to their states. In this case I also need to charge the sales tax to my customer. If I incorporate in Florida, do I need to incorporate too in Utah for example? In the case that not, how I report to the IRS about these taxes that aren't in my state?

2. There are big differences when incorporating in Florida or Delaware? My accounting says not. I heard that mainly the big companies incorporate in Delaware. I'm looking for the best solution in order to pay less taxes.

3. If I use Amazon fulfillment to purchase some products in quantities and I have been incorporate in Florida for example, having stock on Amazon doesn't means that I have Nexus in the state where the stock is located?.

4. Someone can tell in which bank I can make electronic bank transfers within the US with the less fees or even without?

5.Suggestions for the bank where is easier to receive a credit card as a non US resident having a US based company?



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