State Bank issues new instructions for fresh loans

KARACHI (March 10 2004): The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has asked the banks and development financial institutions (DFIs) to separately mention fresh loans if granted to a party after rescheduling.

“All fresh loans granted by the banks and DFIs to a party after rescheduling or restructuring of its existing facilities may be mentioned separately and will be subject to classification under Prudential Regulation-VII on the strength of their own specific terms and conditions,” a SBP circular issued here on Tuesday said.

The circular added that all other instructions regarding the subject remained unchanged.

The SBP issued another circular clarifying the new Prudential Regulations.

“All loans contracted before the issue of new Prudential Regulations, ie October 28, 2003 will be subject to the old Prudential Regulations till the date of their liquidation or renewal whichever occurs first,” the circular said.

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