CBR seeks data of salaried persons' employers

ISLAMABAD (October 23 2004): The Central Board of Revenue (CBR) will issue letters to all those salaried persons who failed to submit names and addresses of their employers in the income tax returns for the 'tax year 2003'.

The CBR on Friday issued instructions to all Commissioners of Income Tax (CITs) that the missing information about the salaried assessees should be obtained from the assessment record available with the concerned income tax zones and, in case of non-availability of data, salaried taxpayers be approached for getting this information.

The CBR has asked the CITs to forthwith submit the information to the Board for compilation of data on national level, which is incomplete due to sketchy information.

The CBR has noted with concern that for the sixth time department has sought information regarding salaried persons, but the commissioners have yet not responded in affirmation.

The CBR has also compiled separate lists of all income tax zones which submitted incomplete information regarding tax returns of salaried class.

The data analysis conducted by CBR showed that some of the salaried assessees have not provided information about the name/address of their employers in the returns for 'tax year 2003'.

Under the universal self-assessment implementation plan, there is need of updating data of employers' name and addresses.

However, the information given on the tax returns is incomplete. Thus, the CBR has asked the RCITs to collect the information for compilation of national database.

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