EPB allows 5 percent shipment in all US categories

KARACHI (December 15 2004): The Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) has allowed shipment up to a safe limit of 5 percent of the base level against exporters' own quota in all US categories, including 338 in which visas were stopped due to fear of embargo. It has also agreed to pay for the warehouse charges in the US for the goods, which come under embargo after shipments provided the warehousing cost is less than the sea freight for re-routing such goods.

A circular issued by the EPB here on Tuesday said that the last date for registration of shipments by air has been extended until December 20 and for shipments by sea by December 25. However, to avail of the facility the exporters would be required to submit confirmed orders/letter of credits, proof of audited quota in their passbooks and schedule of shipments.

The facility has been extended after the US authorities informed the Commerce Ministry that they would allow entry from February 1, 2005 of over-shipped categories up to 5 percent of the base ceiling and then subsequent entry up to 5 percent during March 2005 and so on.

The exporters may now plan and ship their consignments accordingly and obtain a visa, the circular said.

The exporters have also been allowed to make their shipments themselves. In such cases they would be paid freight at the same rate which is determined by the PIA.

The initial announcement for airlifting of consignments was from Karachi to New York, but the EPB is now considering the possibility of other US destinations as well.

The last date for applying for quota swap has also been extended from December 7 to December 20. It will be given in those categories, which are safe from the risks of embargo.

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