Customs sub-collectorate set up at Sost

KARACHI (July 18 2005): In Northern Areas, Customs Sub-Collectorate has been set up at Sost for facilitation and smooth flow of trade between Pakistan and China.

According to information received here, the Collector of Customs, Rawalpindi, Muhammad Nasir-ud-Din Mehboob, has issued an order this week for Silk Route Dry Port, defining functions of the Sub-Collectorate.

The Collectorate will deal with appraisement and examination of imports and exports in accordance with rules and procedures in vogue.

It will comprise examination and appraisement sections for imports and exports. The section will comprise of counters for the receipt of import general manifest (IGM) and goods declaration.


On receipt of Bill of Entry/Goods Declaration, the concerned Principal Appraiser/Superintendent and Incharge Examination Shed, will scrutinise the same, and check whether or not necessary documents are annexed, and then mark the bill of entry to the Examiner/Inspector, who will conduct examination of the consignment.

The Examiner will also draw sample for lab test/valuation, wherever required, for determination of correct classification and valuation of the goods, and submit the same, along with the Bill of Entry/Goods Declaration, indicating examination, to the concerned Appraiser/Deputy Superintendent, for assessment purpose. For electronic filing and processing of the goods declaration, the procedure and process in vogue at CARE Model Customs Collectorate, Karachi, shall be followed.


On receipt of bill of export, the Principal Appraiser/ Superintendent or Incharge Examination Shed, will mark the same to the Examiner, who will examine each carton/bale and will examine the consignment in accordance with the percentage marked by the Principal Appraiser, keeping in view the Customs Examination Manual, issued by Appraisement Collectorate, Karachi.

The Drug Enforcement Cell will maintain profiles of all passengers destined for China via Sost border in order to check drug trafficking. All baggage and export and import consignments will be checked to prevent cross-border drug movement.

The Sub-Collectorate will organise discreet patrolling of the area between Sost Customs Check-post and Khunjrab with a view to prevent smuggling and dropping of contrabands and banned items.

Seals of all import containers travelling between Khunjrab Top and Sost Silk Route Dry Port will be carried out under CBR's instructions.

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