Rs 700 million sales tax refund claims paid to exporters

KARACHI (December 02 2002) : The Collectorate of sales tax, West, has expedited payment of sales tax refund to the exporters ahead of the Eid to help them meet their workers demands for bonus and other allowances. It has paid Rs 700 million of refund during the month of November.

Towel Manufacturers Association (TMA) Vice Chairman Muzammil Hussain said on Monday that the Collectorate expedited payment of sales tax refund after Ramazan 15, and has cleared claims submitted in the month of May and June 2002.

He said the pendency of the refund claims has been reduced from eight months to four months now.

A spokesman for the Collectorate informed the TMA that refund claims submitted in the month of May 2002 has been cleared while 50 percent of the claims submitted in June would be cleared before Eid. The refund claims submitted from July to November 2002 would be taken up for payment after Eid.

Muzammil appreciated the efforts of sales tax Collector, West, for speedy payment of refunds blocked for eight months, saying the payment would not only help exporters meet cost of processing new export orders, but also meet the extra expenditures due to workers wages on the occasion of Eid.

The exporters confirmed that they have received refund cheques amounting to Rs 5 million and Rs 10 million for sales tax refund that have been pending for eight months.

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