Sales taxpayers without NTN to be barred from e-filing their returns

ISLAMABAD (September 02 2006): The Central Board of Revenue (CBR) will bar the registered sales taxpayers, operating without National Tax Number (NTN), from electronically filing sales tax returns, depositing tax or getting their consignments cleared under Customs Administrative Reform Project (CARE).

In another major decision, the Board has asked the companies, having multiple sales tax registration numbers (STRNs), to operate under one STRN. This would enable the companies to obtain single NTN against one STRN for carrying out all business transactions electronically.

Sources told Business Recorder on Friday that the Board has given 15 days to Sales Tax Wing for compiling data on NTNs allocated to sales tax payers. The names of persons operating without NTN would be placed under 'suspension list' and they would be disallowed to conduct tax-related transactions under the IT projects including filing of returns electronically. The data of taxpayers without NTN would be erased from 'NTN Master Index'.

Sources said that the Board has also instructed field formations to submit data of all such taxpayers who are registered with the sales tax department but failed to obtain NTN.

The absence of NTN is creating problems for the registered persons to get their consignments cleared under CARE project, as the computer system demands NTN of the registered persons.

Officials said that STRN would be replaced with NTN over a period of time. The new number would be used for filing of sales tax and income tax returns and clearance of consignments under 'One Customs' and CARE projects. They said that the Board would bar these taxpayers from depositing tax at branches of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) having online facility.

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