Revenue Collection Increased by 27.4 percent in July-September 2011: FBR

ISLAMABAD (October 04, 2011) – The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has realized a total provisional collection of Rs.373.819 billion during the first quarter of July-September 2011-12 showing an overall increase of 27.4 percent as compared to same period of last fiscal year.

According to the provisional figures released by the Federal Board ofRevenue (FBR), here Tuesday during the period from July to September 2011-12 Rs.373.819 billion were collected in terms of domestic taxes as compare to Rs. 293.496 billion realized during the same period of last financial year. The FBR has collected Rs. 331.312 billion in terms of domestic taxes including Direct tax, Sale tax and Federal Excise Duty during the first three months of current financial year showing increase of 29. 3 percent as compared to the same period of last year.

Rs. 122.189 billion were collected in terms of Direct Taxes, which registered an increase of 27.7 percent where as Rs. 180.415 billion was collected in under the head of sales tax including sale tax on import and sale tax on domestic, it said. The FED during the period under review also registered an increase of 6.7 percent as Rs. 28.708 billion was collected as compared to 26.9 billion of same period last year.

Custom collections during July to September 2010-11 was registered at Rs. 37.165 billion. During the month of September 2011, domestic taxes posted an increased of 24.6 percent as Rs. 145. 07 billion was collected as compared to Rs. 116.408 billion of September 2010. Custom duties during the last month also increased by 15.5 percent during last month of current financial year as compared to September 2010.

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