KPMG Holds Industry Accountable

NEW YORK – Looking to restore some credibility to an industry tarnished by various scandals, accounting firm KPMG today launched a print campaign in the Wall Street Journal op-ed page.

The ad, via J. Walter Thompson, New York, includes the headline, “Regaining Investors Trust: A Resolution We Plan to Keep,” and promises to revisit issues that impact the accounting profession and capital markets.

Subsequent ads will run weekly. Future executions will focus on revisiting the audit model (“Bringing balance back to the balance sheet”), the expanded role of the audit committee (“Accounting and accountability”) and the need for controls (“Transparency made clearer.”)

“The campaign will take a close look at what our profession must confront through the filter of the needs of investors so that they might have renewed confidence in the capital markets,” said Timothy Pearson, vice chairman-marketing and communications for KPMG, in a written statement.

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