Andersen site home to new board

A new U.S. board set up to police corporate auditors after a wave of book-cooking scandals is opening headquarters in an office building that once housed disgraced accounting firm Andersen.
Convicted of obstruction of justice in June for destroying Enron-related documents, Andersen is now all but defunct. Its once formidable Washington lobbying operations closed months ago. So did its so-called Enron war room.

Andersen's place in the sleek building along K Street's famous power corridor will be taken by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, which said on Monday it has leased the eighth and ninth floors and some additional space.

The accounting board, established in October under orders from Congress by the Securities and Exchange Commission, has set its first formal meeting for Thursday. It will be held at the SEC. The board is still moving into its new offices.

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