Deloitte & Touche targeted following insider leak

Deloitte & Touche employees have been targeted for an email barrage following an insider leak of personnel details to animal rights extremists conducting an ongoing campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences.

The Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign said on its website that “Electronic protest software” had been set up to allow people to repeatedly email the accounts of 102 Deloitte & Touche UK employees. Deloitte & Touche are being targeted on the basis that they are Huntingdon Life Sciences' auditors and financial advisors.

The email and telephone details that were leaked are thought to be those of senior managers and secretaries in the firm's life sciences team.

Campaigners against HLS have been responsible for physical assaults and intimidation against the company's employees over the last couple of years. Their tactic of targeting financial supporters of the company led to it moving its listing to the US where the identity of major shareholders could be legally protected. The move has apparently been successful in slowing the rollercoaster success the campaign of intimidation had been enjoying last year, as financial services companies fled from the scene.

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