Former Enron chief accountant faces charges

Enron Corp.'s former chief accounting officer is expected to surrender to federal authorities on Thursday to face charges related to the disgraced energy trading powerhouse's 2001 collapse, sources close to the case told The Associated Press.

The exact nature of the criminal complaint against Richard A. Causey was not immediately clear.

Causey, who turns 44 on Friday, and another executive were assigned to review all Enron transactions with a partnership called LJM, devised by former chief financial officer Andrew Fastow.

Causey was fired Feb. 14, 2002, after a board of directors report noted his failure to properly monitor the partnership, which became a focal point for investigators looking into alleged misdeeds by Fastow.

Last spring, U.S. District Judge Melinda Harmon declined to remove Causey as a defendant in civil lawsuits against former Enron executives, saying, “Causey clearly had the power to control Enron and Enron policy.”

After Enron's fall, Causey was subpoenaed by a congressional investigative committee but declined to answer questions.

Causey's attorney, Reid Weingarten, did not immediately return a call.

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