CEOs more confident now on business prospects: PWC

Global business leaders are more confident about meeting revenue and profit targets in the next two to three years than they were a year ago, consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) said on Thursday.

“CEOs around the world are getting back to business,” Samuel DiPiazza, chief executive of PWC, told a news conference after the firm released details of a survey of chief executive officers from 1,391 large and mid-sized firms in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

DiPiazza said 80 percent of the CEOs surveyed were confident their revenue targets would be met in the next two to three years, compared with less than 70 percent a year ago.

“Just a year to two years ago, there was no visibility in the market. People were very uncomfortable about what was around the curve,” the PWC chief said. “Today, there’s a much higher level of confidence that they can predict business. The focus this year is not on avoiding risk, it’s on managing risk,” he said.

DiPiazza said the survey showed that Europe was leading the trend towards outsourcing of work to low-cost countries and that 75 percent of the CEOs said outsourcing was included in their long-term plans, compared with about 40 percent two years ago.

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