Ernst & Young offers 24 hours, 7 days online business advisory services to Middle East businesses

Ernst & Young, the Middle East's largest professional services firm, has recently launched their on-line web-based business advisory service,

The service offers Middle East businesses 24 hours, 7 days a week online access to global and local resources.

Ernst & Young Online provides a wide selection of business tools that are content-rich and easy to use. These tools help take business decisions and provide a platform for closer coordination with the Ernst & Young team. Business tools range from self-service research databases to direct fee services, diagnostics and benchmarking tools. Ernst & Young Online also offers links to web resources, which provides access to other online services outside Ernst & Young. Typically, these are links to information sites of government departments or agencies, professional groups, trade associations and regulatory authorities.

Ernst &Young Online offers detailed and extensive materials, interpretive guidance and publications on accounting, taxation and legal issues. Global business libraries include EY/Passport, which highlights tax and business information for more than 130 countries, along with the International GAAP and GAAS Digest, which provides ongoing coverage from the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). In addition Ernst & Young Online offers a unique interactive Global GAAP Comparison tool, which allows fast in-depth comparisons to be made of all major financial reporting frameworks, including International Financial Reporting Standards, US GAAP and UK GAAP. This premium tool is an invaluable resource for all Middle East organisations, to keep pace with the dynamic developments in International Financial Reporting Standards, which are widely adopted across the region.

'In this fast changing global environment, it is vital for every business to branch out into something beyond the ordinary. In line with the rapid strides witnessed by the Middle East in the field of e-commerce, the website will provide insights into the world of effective business strategies, unveiling tailored content, tools, and resources customized to individual needs. To stay competitive, companies need the latest market information and resources at the click of a mouse. Ernst &Young Online effectively provides this service to our clients,' said Fouad Alaeddin, Ernst & Young's Managing Partner for the Middle East.

Ernst & Young Online has been developed to deliver insights and updates on how best to evolve regional businesses and also provides clients with relevant knowledge and online business tools. Apart from tailored contents, the various items on the website highlights relevant news headlines and events, Ernst & Young perspectives, all included to help managers focus on today's business challenges. This web-resource also offers insights into global accounting and auditing news as well as the latest information on taxation issues from around the globe.

'While change is an inherent factor in today's world, Ernst & Young has embedded quality in every aspect of its operations, as our tag line says 'Quality in Everything We Do'. For any business, 'quality' means getting the right information, making the right judgments, taking the right actions and maintaining the public trust,' said Khosrow Dabir-Alai, Ernst & Young's Chief Operating Officer for the Middle East.

Ernst & Young provides a range of assurance and business advisory services including corporate finance, risk management, tax, technology, business valuation and hospitality & leisure services. A global leader in professional services, offers clients the right tools and advice in order to meet the demands of an ever changing and dynamic business world. Ernst & Young has the industry and financial experience to provide fresh perspectives on operating successfully in the new economy.

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