Association of accountants launched in Qatar

An accountants association has been formed in Qatar and both, nationals and expatriates, holding degrees in accountancy are eligible to seek its membership.

Announcing the launch of the association, Dr Khaled Al Khater, acting dean of the management and economics faculty at Qatar University, told the press yesterday that a meeting of members will be held at his department on October 13.

The association has no political objectives and its sole aim is to promote the profession of accountancy and interaction between those practising the profession in Qatar.

Doing this is important in the light of the fact that Qatar was witnessing rapid economic strides and it was important for accountants here to keep pace with developments in their filed in the rest of the world.

Khaled said that national as well as expatriate accountants were welcome to join the association. Requests for membership and attending the October 13 meet can be faxed on4930927 or can be sent by mail: P O Box 2713, Qatar University.

The office of the association will be housed in his department, according to Khaled. On October 13, the members will elect a board, he said.

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