SAFA to speed up investment, growth

KARACHI: President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf in his message to South Asian Federation Accountants (SAFA), which is a premier body of SAARC has expressed the optimism that recommendations of SAFA-2005 will accelerate investment, and growth in the economies of SAARC region.

Musharraf has also urged the accounting professionals of SAARC countries and state (accounting) Boards to must respond to meet the future needs of clients, employers and the public.

According to a press note of SAFA Secretariat, Musharraf said it was very encouraging to note that learned speakers and scholars from the SAARC Region would be giving their views in the conference.

He said, “We live in a rapidly shrinking world. The move to a global economy is accelerating, thanks to international trade agreements, advances in the technology, communication and travel.”

He said national and state boundaries, standards and regulators were fast becoming limitations in a global marketplace.

Governor State Bank of Pakistan Dr Ishrat Hussain, who will be inaugurating the conference on Saturday, in his message said during the last 5 decades developing countries in Asia had provided the most persuasive and credible story as how poor countries could progress and bring out prosperity for their downtrodden people.

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