Accenture Puts $100M in Information Management Services

Accenture said that the company will invest $100 million over the next three years to accelerate the growth of its information management services.

Information management is the set of processes by which companies can manage both structured data and unstructured content. According to industry analyst estimates, the market for the full array of these types of services is growing at approximately 9 percent annually and is estimated to exceed $27 billion by 2007.

Among the information management related services that Accenture currently provides are business intelligence, content management, enterprise performance management, and secure information management. Many of these offerings are bundled into industry-specific solutions, such as credit risk management for financial services firms, trading and risk management for energy companies, and revenue optimization for the government sector.

The information management services team will weave enhanced capabilities into a comprehensive array of offerings designed to help clients harness, view, manage, analyze and store data, text and other information to improve decision making, financial and operational management and customer service. These offerings will be one of the cornerstones of Accenture's services designed to help companies become high-performance businesses.

“This investment will enable Accenture to extend its existing information management capabilities to provide a broader set of services and deliver business value that is superior to that provided by competitive offerings,” said Karl-Heinz Floether, Accenture's Group Chief Executive, Technology and Delivery. “We are committed to being the undisputed leader in this market space.”

Accenture first began working with clients on their information management needs in 1992. To date, the company has completed approximately 4,000 information-management-related projects and is currently involved in more than 300.

“Our clients are grappling with 'information overload,'” said Royce Bell, who will lead the team. “To manage their businesses, interact with customers and make financial and operational decisions more efficiently and effectively, they must be able to maximize the use of all the data and content at their disposal.”

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