Global economy discussion gets personal – with launch of new ACCA site

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) has recently launched a dedicated new micro site which gives its members an opportunity to share experiences and receive personal support on dealing with the current economic situation.

The new micro-site brings together existing analysis, resources, business strategy ideas and discussion boards, giving ACCA members the opportunity to share ideas on how to meet the current challenges.

ACCA President Richard Aitken-Davies said: “The key issue with ACCAs new site is that, rather than just talking at our members about the current crisis, it encourages members to share their experiences and opinions. They have considerable expertise and can offer unique support and insight into issues which will affect economies in different ways. As the economic situation is having an impact at all levels, the micro-site includes a support section which points members in the direction of a range of internal and external resources, offering not just business support, but emotional support and advice too.”

Expressing his views on this initiative, Mr Arif Masud Mirza, Head of ACCA Pakistan said: “Qualified Accountants are embedded in the very heart of global business and are thus vital actors in driving economies forward. Global crisis such as the one we are experiencing today are rare but unfortunately all too predictable only when they are blanketing us. The audit profession is often not far off the epicentre when the criticism hits the fan. At ACCA we believe the professional can play an important role in the recovery, we have already seen the G20 give the capital markets the financial kiss of life, but a number of other helpers in the global financial trauma room such as the professional accountant can use their knowledge and experience to get the economy off the life support machine as quickly as possible by using this new micro-site stakeholders can play a live role at a personal level.”

The site will also include blogs, online discussion boards, a technical resource section, and information on past and future events which will address the economic issues and developments.

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