CIMA – New exemption policy effective from Feb 01, 2003

Having reviewed its exemptions arrangements, CIMA will be introducing a new procedure from 1 February 2003 (students who have a CIMA accredited qualification will not be affected by the new approach.)

From this date, an extended ‘blanket’ policy will enable students with prior achievement in specified academic or professional qualifications which have not previously been considered by CIMA for exemption purposes to receive automatic entitlement to a defined range of exemptions. It will no longer be necessary for students to submit syllabus and examination papers in order to be considered for exemptions, as they will be advised of their exemptions entitlement at the point of registration. Students will then be able to decide which tuition course to sign up to or which CIMA examination to enter without delay.

Students whose qualifications do not fall within the extended ‘blanket’ policy will be able to follow CIMA’s ‘fast track’ Foundation level route – computer based assessment (CBA). This allows students to take all 5 Foundation level papers without the constraints of the biannual examination schedule. CBA centres offer easy access to examinations, and results are available immediately on completing the paper. There is no limit on the number of times students may attempt a CBA paper.

The ‘special’ exemptions process will cease to operate with effect from 1 February 2003. Applicants wishing to make a claim for individual consideration under the ‘special’ process must register by 31 January 2003 and include all relevant syllabus and examination paper details with their registration form. Applicants unable to submit all of the documents required will be considered under the new procedure outlined above.

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