ICAP announces Foundation/Intermediate Autumn 2004 examination results

KARACHI, November 03, 2004: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) has announced the results of its Foundation / Intermediate Examinations Autumn 2004.

Result Summary

No. of Candidates

Complete Passed in Foundation Examination (Modules A & B) 481
Complete Passed in Intermediate Examination (Modules C & D) 273
Passed in Module – A only 573
Passed in Module – B/SM-3A/SM-4A only 37
Passed in Module – C/SM-1/SM-7 only 381
Passed in Module – D only 16
Permanent Credit in Module – A 729
Permanent Credit in Module – B/SM-3A/SM-4A 700
Permanent Credit in Module – C/SM-1/SM-7 592
Permanent Credit in Module – D 424

Award of Gold Medals


ICAP Gold Medal (Ameena Khatib Foundation) Mr. Syed Ali Akbar (Roll # 0108995)
Kasbati Memorial Gold Medal Mr. Mohammad Junaid (Roll # 0308621)

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