English really counts: ACCA Pakistan launches ICFE

KARACHI (December 19, 2009) – ACCA Pakistan has launched Cambridge ICFE (International Certificate in Financial English) in Karachi. The launch was celebrated with a Talk show “Harnessing Finance Talent of Pakistan” featuring Ayesha Tammy Haq as moderator.

The show featured opinions from industry leaders, including Ms Rahila Narejo, Sr HR Consultant, Mr Arif Masud Mirza, Head of ACCA Pakistan, Mr Junaid Iqbal, CEO BMA Financials and Mr Raza Ali Shah, Entrepreneur and stock trader.

The discussion commenced with an overview of the financial sector of Pakistan and integration of financial planning and evaluation in the heart of every business activity. Moving on to how the role of finance professional has changed and the qualities required in finance professionals.

Deliberating on solutions to bridge the gap between academia and industry through government policy interventions, private sector educational institutions, professional bodies and HR experts; the expert panel appreciated the importance of communication skills in general and English language proficiency as a universal language of business in particular, further appreciating the proactive role of ACCA in responding to the pulse of industry in launching a financial English Qualification- Cambridge ICFE.

In the following segment of Launch event, Thespianz Theater, delivered a comical play, “Ooh! My Proposals” adapted from Anton Chekovs play Marriage Proposals The play portrayed the importance of English as a Global Language. Humor was added to the subject to keep the interest of the viewers alive, by addition of regional characters and different accents. The play concluded on a high note leaving everyone in a happy mood with a message that “English really counts”.

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