Duty drawback facility on wheelbarrow tyres, tubes allowed

ISLAMABAD (December 31 2002) : The Central Board of Revenue (CBR) has announced duty drawback facility on the export of wheelbarrow tyres and tubes from December 27, 2002.

The duty drawback would be available to the manufacturer-cum-exporters of wheelbarrow (trolley) tyre size 3.00-4 and tube size 3.00-4.

The CBR has amended standard SRO 415(I)/2001 through an SRO (I)/2002 issued on Monday.

The extent of repayment would be Rs 4.69 on the export of wheelbarrow (trolley) tyre and Rs 3.41 on the wheelbarrow (trolley) tube.

Meanwhile, the authorities have issued another SRO for duty drawback on the export of above-mentioned products by Mian Tyre and Rubber Co (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore.

The raw materials used in the goods are natural rubber, barmo butyl, carbon black, resin SP 1045, accelerator MBTS, CBS/CZ, flectol, santoflex IPPD, flectol, zinc oxide, bead-wire metal, tyre record, sulphur, stearic acid, oil (carbon black oil and nozzle set.

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