ACCA Trains Career Advisors

LAHORE (September 24, 2010) – ACCA Pakistan recently organized a one-day Career Counseling workshop for teachers and student advisors at a local hotel in Lahore.

ACCA recognizes the integral role career guidance plays in helping students identify their natural talents in order to pursue a career promising them professional success.

The workshop was based on the concept that the best career exploration and job search strategies capitalize on the natural strengths of an individual's Personality and Behavioral Style. Mr Shamez Mukhi, Head of Marketing, Communication and Media Relations, ACCA Pakistan welcomed the participants, explaining the challenges students and parents encounter while making career choices and the resources developed by ACCA for students, teachers and parents. Speaking on the occasion he added, “One of the aims of the workshop is to ensure that ACCA Pakistan recruits students with the right aptitude, who are ambitious and committed to their careers so that they can excel as ACCA members.”

Ms Shamsa Khoja, Marketing Executive ACCA Pakistan made a presentation on CAT and ACCA qualifications, entry routes, tuition providers and employment opportunities in Pakistan.

This was followed by a technical training on “career counseling to personality type” conducted by Ms Rahila Narejo, Lead Consultant and Chief Executive, NHR. Rahila emphasized on the significance of aligning career decisions to students aptitude and industry demand.

The workshop was attended by 17 participants from leading schools, colleges and universities. One of the participants, Ms Umber Tariq, Froebel's International School commented that career guidance is a dynamic, on-going process enabling students to identify the best-fit career path for themselves. The training organized by ACCA Pakistan has been very helpful in equipping us as career advisors with the career assessment and guidance tools and techniques.

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