ACCA Islamabad Celebrates Students Achievements

ISLAMABAD (February 11, 2013) – ACCA Islamabad recently organised a students appreciation event title ‘Celebrating Achievement’ in Islamabad. The event honored the nine high achievers of December 2011 and June 2012 sessions.

Dr Javaid Leghari, Chairperson, Higher Education Commission (HEC) presented the certificates to the achievers in presence of fellow students, teachers and ACCA fraternity. Speaking on the occassion, Mr Leghari said, ” The concept of getting educated is changing dynamically.  Seeing the trend, students should focus on opting for a qualification that gives them global mobility, they should focus on continous development and adopt a professional qualification. ACCA offers all three.” He also congratulated the place winners for securing these national positions.

Ms Noor Aftab, head of ACCA Islamabad thanked the parents, teachers and tuition providers for their efforts in shaping these high achievers. She also emphasised on the employment opportunities that exists for ACCA students in the corporate, public and public practices.

The event also included a motivational training session for ACCA students by Ibrahim Ahmed, GOAL attended by 100 attendees. The event was co-sponsored by ACCA Approved Learning Partners Roots College International Flagship Campus DHA 1, Islamabad.

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