EPB announces standard operating procedure for audit memos' resolution

KARACHI (February 06 2003) : The Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) has announced a standard operating procedure (SOP) for resolution of audit memos containing discrepancies pointed out by the auditors.

The procedure provides that the copies of export visa issued and transfer deeds, allowing quota transfers authenticated by the EPB, should be sent to the auditors along with the relevant shipping documents and the Quota Passbooks the same day or latest by the next day of the issuance of the export visa or transfer deeds.

In case the associations/EPB's action with regard to forwarding issuance of visa and transfer of quota is in line with the provisions of the Textile Quota Management Policy (TQMP), the auditors should authenticate the relevant entries and return the same to the EPB the same day.

In case of any discrepancy, the auditors should issue the audit memo in quadruplicate, addressed to the TQMP Director-General, the same day, spelling out the nature of discrepancy.

The procedure further provides that all the copies of the audit memos, along with a photocopy of the original memo, duly singed by the auditors, should be delivered to the Audit Cell of the EPB.

The staff will acknowledge the receipt of the quadruplicate copy to be returned to the auditors.

The audit cell would on the same day deliver the original copy of the audit memo to the concerned deputy directors for rectification of the discrepancy, if need be, in consultation with the exporter and his association.

The audit cell would deliver the duplicate copy of the audit memo, along with the relevant CPBs, to the concerned desk official of the EPB for immediate onward delivery to the respective association together with relevant shipping documents for resolution of objection in consultation with the exporter within 20 days of the delivery of the audit memo.

Failing to comply with, the quota servicing of the exporter would be suspended.

The duplicate copy of the audit memo should remain attached/stapled with the CPB till the discrepancy, pointed out by the auditors, is resolved.

The procedure provides that the audit cell would despatch the triplicate copy of the audit memo directly to the exporter concerned, advising him to contact his association, to whom the CPB, along with a copy of the audit memo and other shipping documents, have already been dispatched.

The exporter should categorically be informed in explicit terms about the necessary rectification within 20 days from the date of passing on the duplicate copy of the memo, along with the CPB to the respective association.

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