Mobilink gets ultimatum to improve service

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has warned Mobilink, the country’s largest mobile phone operator, that if it does not improve its service within 30 days it will be fined Rs 350 million and could have its license cancelled.

“Ironically, the largest mobile phone company, with one million users, has the worst service,” the PTA chairman said at a press conference on Saturday. Under Section 23 of the Pakistan Telecommunication Reorganization Act of 1996, the PTA can fine an operator up to Rs 350 million and terminate or suspend its licenses. The PTA chairman said the authority was “fully aware” of the situation and would take “strict action” against who gave poor service. If Mobilink is indeed penalised, it will be a first in the mobile phone industry.

Information Technology & Telecommunication Minister Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari had said he was not happy with the PTA for being “lenient” with mobile phone operators.

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