Regulatory authority and ministry at odds over power tariff hike

ISLAMABAD (November 11 2002) : The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has locked horns with the Ministry of Water and Power for not increasing the tariff of Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) in accordance with the regulator's decision, sources told Business Recorder.

They said that Nepra has written a letter to the Ministry seeking justification for not implementing its decision, wherein Wapda's tariff had been increased up to 7 paisa per unit as per automatic fuel adjustment formula.

Sources said that the Ministry of Water and Power wanted to issue the notification as early as possible. However, the Chief Executive Secretariat has not given green signal to the Ministry for the same, keeping in view the prevalent political scenario.

According to sources, the Ministry was ready to issue the required notification at the very early stage aster receiving Nepra's determination, but the Chief Executive Secretariat barred the Ministry for going ahead.

Asked why Nepra's decision was not being implemented when the utility was in financial crisis, sources said that as soon as the Chief Executive Secretariat would give its consent, notification would be issued.

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