Tax return forms in Urdu soon

ISLAMABAD (August 19 2003) : The Central Board of Revenue (CBR) would shortly issue an income tax return form in Urdu language, fulfilling a major demand of business community.

This would be the first time in the history of Pakistan that income tax return form in national language would be available for all concerned.

The credit goes to top tax manager, Vakil Ahmed Khan, whose personal efforts made it possible in a short span of time.

In this regard, tax authorities here on Monday submitted the draft of the form to Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz for approval.

Several traders/business associations held meetings with the CBR pressing the need of such a form, which could easily be filled/followed by the traders, who are not well-versed in English language.

The income tax form in Urdu language would have the same contents as the form in English devised for AOPs/Individuals.

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