Recovery drive initiated against 500 short-filers

ISLAMABAD (August 29 2003) : In a bid to increase GST collection, the Central Board of Revenue (CBR) has initiated countrywide recovery drive against over 500 short-filers, including businessmen and industrial units.

Tax authorities on Thursday compiled a list of taxpayers, who paid less than the due amount of sales tax in July 2003.

These taxpayers belong to Karachi (East and West), Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Quetta and Gujranwala.

The CBR has dispatched the list of short-filers to the collectorates of sales tax for initiation of recovery proceedings after completion of verification process.

Details revealed that the computer wing has compiled data regarding short-filers after going through sales tax returns submitted by all collectorates of sales tax. On the basis of these figures, the CBR prepared nine different computerised lists containing traders, wholesalers, distributors, industrial units and businessmen belonging to different sectors.

The entire exercise was supervised by the Sales Tax Computer Wing responsible for maintaining data on short-filers, non-filers, nil-filers etc.

The CBR would compare these figures with the actual return available with the regional offices.

The CBR has also given sales tax registration numbers, tax period, name and address of unit, tax payable, amount paid and difference of amount.

Collectorates would verify the data and subsequently inform the CBR about short-paid amount.

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