Ascertaining of S. Tax payment: CAA asked to submit details on supplies received in last two years

ISLAMABAD (August 30 2003) : The Central Board of Revenue (CBR) has directed the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Karachi to submit details on the supplies received during the last two years to ascertain payment of sales tax.

The CBR here on Friday asked CAA director general that all the government departments, including defence organisations were required to purchase taxable goods only from the registered people on the payment of sales tax.

It has been alleged that the CAA has been receiving taxable goods on which suppliers were not paying sales tax, the CBR said.

In order to ascertain the factual status, the CAA should submit the relevant information pertaining to all the supplies received during the last two years. This included name and address of the contractor, value of supplies received and amount of sales tax paid, the CBR added.

Meanwhile, the CBR has submitted a comprehensive list of civil contractors enlisted with the CAA, pre-qualified contractors and list of other civil contractors enlisted with the PIA Facilities Management Division to the collectorates of Sales Tax, Karachi (East and West) to check whether people specified in the list were paying sales tax or not.

The regional authorities would also recover sales tax from the contractors making supplies to the government departments.

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