Revenue Board takes steps to stop drugs smuggling

ISLAMABAD (August 31 2003) : As a part of ongoing drive against drug pushers, the Central Board of Revenue (CBR) has taken preventive measures at ports and custom stations to control the menace of smuggling.

The CBR on Saturday warned all collectors of customs that smugglers have started making frequent attempts at smuggling of drugs/narcotics through custom stations and ports of exit.

The increasing attempts of drug trafficking was evident from the monthly statements and incidence reports sent by the Collectorates.

In many cases, drug smugglers successfully passed through the checks at the exit points but later were arrested by custom officials at ports of destination.

In order to check the smugglers at the custom check-points and ports, the regional officials would keep constant vigilance using informers' network etc and check the suspected vehicles without causing inconvenience to the genuine travellers.

Furthermore, the custom officials should forthwith take preventive measures to ensure that attempts to smuggle drugs/narcotics are effectively thwarted and the culprits are apprehended.

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